Guest post written by Marlene Turner

I’m always trying to experiment with my hair to come up with new ways to wear it. I get kind of bored with wearing my hair down all the time, so that’s why I try and come up with new kinds of updos. But so many people think that updos mean really stuffy, dressy hairdos that are only appropriate for prom and weddings. Well, I really want to share all of that with the world and am making an effort to share that with other people.

I thought that it would be fun to start my own blog and show off all of these hairstyles that I’ve come up with. While I was thinking about that a few days ago, I ran across the site and after I looked through that I decided to sign up for a domain name to use as my very own website!

I thought that one great way to start off my blog would be to do a how to on how to make this braided updo that I’ve been rocking a lot lately.