My sister always reminded me to keep my privacy closed especially when doing transactions online. Once it is published, it is published and recorded. I did and posted some writings on the internet and I always remember what my sister told me to be careful in everything. I heard a lot about hackers and other unusual in the internet so this warns me to secure myself from all of those. Before I always went to an internet café and I didn’t realized that my privacy can be accessed by the people with bad intentions. But now I have my own laptop and internet connection at home but still careful with what I do online. Especially when signing to a social networking sites, members who joined it grows in numbers and everybody seems so open with themselves in the public. Make sure that you only share information to trusted people.

I admired my sister because she is a private type of person; she doesn’t want to open anything in the public, careful in posting her photos and many more because she knows the danger if the privacy being opened to the public. She has a Free Proxy Sites to protect her internet security and to keep her online security closed and inaccessible to others. This helps in maintaining her privacy and rights as a simple human being.