First fruit is always be special and she was the first fruit of mom and dad’s love. But of course the rest of the fruits are special too, including She is the eldest of seven children. Her name is Lorelee E. Planas. According to mom at the age of six she can already wash plates and cook rice in the kitchen. She helps mom a lot in terms of dealing with us, her younger sisters and brothers. She was also a consistent honor student during her days and mom and dad was so proud for her. She witnessed my mom and dad’s hardships and sacrifices just to send us to school and have an education. She considered it as a challenge and not a hindrance to realize her ultimate dream, to help the family. Because of her determination she graduated from Nursing and passed the nursing board exam. In her novice stage luckily she got her first job in Mercy Maternity Clinic and was working there for ten years and delivered more than 500 babies. She loves to serve other people especially the poor. MMC helps a lot in molding ate’s skills in maternal and child nursing but most especially touching ate’s spiritual well-being. Later on with her practice she took a midwifery exam and passed. She’s a registered nurse and registered midwife.