My mother-in-law would often tell me about her great vacations out of state, where all they do were to relax, eat, sleep and watch the attractions and entertainment on the place, which were really remarkable. She wants to have a break again, kind of ‘nostalgic’ feeling for her. She asked me to tell husband for all of us to take vacation just like the good old times. So far, after three years, we were not yet successful, but just when we could not contain the pent-up excitement, he decided to go on a vacation! His ideal getaway is to have our own ‘home’ instead of staying at a hotel. We have no objections at all, whatsoever, specially that we can have our privacy, the quiet abode, and also game and entertainment, and even private pool, and all other amenities. Ah, this is real vacation pleasure; especially that it is affordable, and kind of cheap with everything on the package. Perfect for this cooling season, and I would not miss the joy in my eighty-three-year-old mother-in-law’s face when we get there.