I am with DRH for almost six months working as clerk though I’m a nurse by profession but I love my work because of the people surrounds me and the nature of my responsibilities. For many days sometimes I felt bored and tiresome due to its daily routine. And also  I felt unhealthy for I just seat and face my computer for almost all of the day so I thought I need to do some work out to keep my body sexy, fats will burn, physically fit and mentally alert. So I and my office mate decided to make a regular work out for exercise and yesterday we finally started. At the back of the hospital where we are working, beside the gymnasium there is a mini gym for work out and we’re very excited with much happiness. While doing the exercise step by step I felt small pain from my back and knees. Day after, I felt the whole pain throughout the body and these because of what we have done in the gym. But our gym instructor told us that this only normal and if done regularly we won’t fell aches anymore. So this is my fear because if I cannot make it regularly the pain comes again and it can make me lazy and having a hard time again going to the gym. So I thought also for another alternative to keep me healthy physically and frequent gym exercise was recommended by my sister in United States and I was convinced that this is a good idea to keep me sexy and make me more beautiful so my husband will love me more and more.