I really missed the happy times before, things are very much different now. I could say that the better days went to bitter days now. I know it was my fault. I always depend with my parent. Every time we have quarreled I used to consult and tell my parent. these made my husband felt angry, it seems that the spark in our eyes before are gone, no more excitements! We used to have a quality time together, strolling at the mall seeing some dbx which the two of us are interested of, or at the park and many beautiful places but now no more! Honestly speaking I lost my interest and think to end up this relationship but because of our daughter we need to overcome this stage of adjusting with each others traits and attitude. True colors are appearing and it is hard to pretend to be OK when its not! For me I think no more chance to return those happy days, in my eyes seems impossible but God can make things possible.