Some people think that getting pregnant is just easy. Unfortunately, to some couples, getting pregnant wasn’t that very easy. Today, more and more couples are battling infertility and some couples just can’t afford the cost of fertility treatments. There are several ways a couple can do to help boost their chances at getting pregnant. They can start with simple things like staying fit and healthy. There are a lot of things we thought is fine but is damaging our fertility. Stress is a great distributor to couples having trouble conceiving as it stops the woman’s body from producing the hormone that is responsible for ovulation. Another thing a couple can do is get rid of unhealthy diets just like junk, processed and canned foods, these can affect fertility. Switch to eating more nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. Couple can also stay healthy by exercising. According to, a woman should be able to pinpoint her ovulation days to boost their odds of conceiving. She can use a basal body thermometer, an online ovulation calculator app, an ovulation predictor kit or even can check her cervical mucus to know when her ovulation day is. There are many fertility drugs available today, like Clomid and Femara, that help to stimulate ovulation, so pinpointing ovulation would be key for you to know.