I should not take it very seriously, I will just think the hardship I went through when I applied the job! It was not easy! However, thanks to ORB for an overview how to make a good resume.  For more info about ORB check out Online Resume Builders. It was just an inspiring words to us to be reminded with our functions.

I was assigned as a Station in charged and it is not easy because I take all the responsibilities of the entire problem in my station. We encountered lots of problems since we are the last station who will check the papers before submitting and we see lots of discrepancies and other lacking documents needed. But I should say that I love my job and I believed in the saying that says if you love your job everything will go smoothly and light. Yes its true, even though I feel pressure for some time, still I am doing my job heartily. Loving your job is the key to kick the stresses away!