In our families, the time we spent, the moments we shared, the gift giving, our laughter’s, and even our cries, these experiences are treasured and valuable. These keep our relationship better and stronger. Yesterday we had our family bonding and we hold it at Gui gui restaurant and grill, a Korean restaurant and we got our discounts because the owner is my friend. It was a complete family bonding time because some of my sisters residing abroad, so much fun we had while eating. The food was so delicious and we chatted most of the time and try to share and remember our past especially when we were young, so happy, really happy because we are united again. We haven’t see each other for a long time. We miss them so much. Sad to say after few moments my two sisters are now on their way to Singapore and Africa for their work and life journeys, we don’t know if when would be the next time to meet again, just take care always and i love you all. Maybe five years from now or whenever, we don’t  know. Hope soon. What we just need to do and a must is to pray always with one another. One thing that made us proud with our family is, we are raised by our parent with good foundation and dedicated Christian faith.