I am taking care of my 3 kids now. Two of them are of almost the same age. The one I did not anticipate was that it is a great problem in caring for them. Yes, my mother told me that in her years, she took care of her 7 children all by herself without a helper. I cannot imagine how my mother handled all the pressures and sacrifices. But in my case, maybe because I am a working mom and soon will be resuming to work. I am nursing my newborn 24/7 and I have a hard time taking care of my 1 year old which made me feel guilty as a mother. I am so much thankful for my siblings for helping me take care of my kids. My mother also is always available when I needed her when their titas are not around. In 3weeks time I will be resuming to work. I need to find a helper to assist my sister who will be taking charge with my 2 kids. I hope I can find one soon. I have a lot of things running in my mind now which made me overthink, my dad is in the hospital right now for an operation, a helper to find and I am afraid I wont fully breastfeed my baby when I resume to work. I can express milk in my workplace but time will come milk supply will not be enough for my baby’s demand and by that time formula milk will be introduced which mean another expenses to top of our budget. Well, having three kids with close age gap is difficult but despite of it all the joy that they are giving me is enough to sustain me every day.