“Breastfeeding while onboard despite having air sickness”


I still have one more week to express and store breastmilk for my baby before going back to work. I have ambivalent emotion and I wish to have more time. Indeed, Time flies so fast when you’re enjoying! I wished I had pumped more milk and occupied the freezer but I will make use of my remaining time to pump more so I can extend my breastfeeding journey. With breastfeeding, aside from its nutritional benefits that my baby gets, it is also a big help for us in our budgetting. These are just two of the major benefits of breastfeeding.

I have read one statement that I like so much and wished that every mother will take it as a serious one. “ Your baby deserves the best, give them your breast”. To be honest, I feel so sad seeing mothers who are able to breastfeed and yet chose to bottlefeed their babies. It’s ok for a working mother like me who can’t sustain a 6months pure breastfeeding but for those stay-at-home moms is not. I really don’t believe there is no enough supply of milk which most bottlefeeding mothers believed. It’s all in the mind. Based on my experience the more the baby sucks, the more milk supply the brain will produce. God designed every mother with enough milk to sustain her baby. Yes, breastfeeding sometimes is uncomfortable but I never mind it. I am confident that I am giving the best for my babies.
“How about you mothers, are you breastfeeding or knows someone who does? “ You can share your experiences here.