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For my family- I want the best!

Aug 20, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Furniture

If we will talk about houses, for sure if it is our own, then we really wanted the best. After five years of getting married, my hubby and I always discussed if what is best for us, my daughter told me, mom, dad, I wanted to have a very happy family. That’s what I always longed for. So every time we chatted, I used to ask her, what do you mean when you say a happy family? She said, just show love for each other and minimize your tongue when you quarrel with dad. I silently laughed because might be she heard us while in action. These experiences made me realized to be careful with my words especially when we have some disagreements with my hubby, of course I told it to hubby so he should be very careful also. I noticed my girl that she’s very observant of what are going on in the surrounding. One day she asked me, mom why our house is small, unlike wowa and wowos house, she mean her grandparents. I told her, this is only what we can with your dad, by the way we will visit home and patio decor center so we can but for some furniture and decoration just to make our house beautiful. And she just smiles, wonderful.

Furniture equipments

Oct 21, 2013 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: business/finance, Furniture

If you will try to see how people or most¬† people became rich, majority not because they work or having a job but because they put up business and most of them started from a small business, its also my desire to be like them. I cannot deny this fact. In fact I was working for more than five years but minimal in compensation and nothing happens until I decided to step of from my job and put up a small furniture business. I’m hoping for progress so I bought equipments like plainer, circular saw, cutter, router and grinder, I also bought adjustable¬†and for malleable iron crank handles to keep my work easy and has quality.


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