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Worrysome to Worryless

Dec 17, 2017 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: family, Health, Uncategorized

There are a lot of things which we do not expect but it’s really happening in us. Yes, accepting it can be very hard and painful. Things that you didnt imagine that you will also experience. I have encountered a lot of cancer patients/client in my everyday work as claims representative but never in my mind that my father would be a victim also with this monster cells. I have comforted all of them with encouraging words but when it comes to myself I realized that it so hard to deal with it. I feel so depressed upon knowing that my father has a stage 2 gastric cancer. It seems that our world has shaken. Tears is the only way to express how we feel inside. It’s so hard. After 23days in the hospital my father was discharged already and is now recovering at home. It is so painful to see that he is losing weight but I know he will be ok and regain his strenght soon. We trust God for everything. He already been with us since from the first day until now and He will be with us always in this difficult journey. His words are the only anchor that we hold on. Papa please know that we are with you in this battle and we will do everything we can to bring your energy back. Just keep on holding on to God’s promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Treating body odor

Apr 7, 2017 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: family, Health

Underarm odor can be, and how depreciating it is for our confidence, and affect the basic way in which you interact with others, who don’t forget that negative trait, and might make it more difficult to make friends or meet a future spouse. But sometimes some people are not “aware” or just “being used to it” that they would not mind, or not self conscious. But I know we can’t blame them for what their body is made up of. People with underarm (and foot) odors carry a stigma of being unclean, but we know that being clean will control odor only for a very short period of time. Daily activities can affect how much we sweat as well as the specific fragrance a person emits. Although heredity plays a role in your sweat factor, so do others like diet, clothing material and fit/style, hygiene, and health. The true solution to the problem is: instead of masking the odor created by bacteria, instead of trying to inhibit the growth of bacteria by reducing the amount of sweat produced, or trying to treat the bacterial byproducts which cause odor, eliminate the bacteria which cause odor and you eliminate the odor. Many suggest that for excessive underarm odor, try using a mild solution of hydrogen peroxide (3%) – cheap, effective, widely available. Put a teaspoonful in a glass of water and wash the underarm. If that doesn’t work, increase the amount of peroxide. Personal body hygiene, such as showering daily with deodorant soap washes away many strong odors caused by severe sweating. Wearing cotton clothing and other natural fibers also allows the skin to breathe, solving some odor issues. There is also new synthetic fabric clothing, often found in sports stores, that wicks away sweat from the body, thus preventing or reducing odor. Food is also a factor as they create a distinct body aroma, just like alcohol and tobacco do; they release unpleasant smells from the skin and the breath.

Obesity and woman’s fertility

Mar 24, 2017 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Health

Obesity decreases the chances that a woman will get pregnant, and the more obese she is, the worse her prospects of conception, said a Dutch report, looking at the relationship between fertility and obesity of women and their body mass index, a ratio of weight to height. Women with a BMI of 30 or higher are considered obese, and had significantly lower probability of becoming pregnant naturally as compared to women who has a BMI of between 21 to 29.

Plain IUD removal

Apr 24, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Health, Personal

Today is the first day of my three days off from work, this means I have ample time to rest especially my eyes in front of a computer the whole day. I will just be staying at home for 3days since hubby and our daughter are not with me now for they attended a conference somewhere in Zambo City.

This morning I decided to see a doctor or should I say I need to see an Ob-Gyne doctor about my intrauterine device or IUD. We decided to have it removed and we think now is the right time to expect again since my daughter will be turning five already. She always pressured me to have a baby! I went too early to the clinic for me to be the first in the line and yes I was the first who came. And waahhh the clinic was still closed. I seated alone to wait for the secretary to arrived and open the clinic, she came after 30min of waiting, so I jotted down my name in the waiting list. After a minute another pregnant women came and  many other were coming for check ups and prenatal check-up.

Unfortunately the doctor came @ 11 am, too long for me because I waited for 2 hours. But it was fine though because I was the one entertained first. So the doctor now inspected me, she was using speculum and ovum forceps to have the IUD removed, I just felt a little bit pain, its like menstrual pain and yes my IUD was finally removed. According to the doctor the IUD was already displaced, it was inserted 5years ago! She prescribed me medicine and after 2 minutes procedure the secretary now telling me about the charges, oh my I can’t believed I paid 1,000php, without uttering any words I left the clinic and went home straight after.

I cant stop my mind thinking about the amount I paid for just a 2 minute procedure. Suddenly I remembered it just happened that I spotted their list of charges and I saw there,, 750 for just a pain removal and 1,000 for the ultrasound guided removal. I am pretty sure that it was only a plain removal, so I decided to come to the clinic to clarify about the charges and when I talked to the secretary, she retrieved my record and I said I saw the list and I remember the charges for plain removal is only 750, and she said oh it was a plain removal, good thing that you saw the price list. Haha! What if I don’t see it, it means she’ll charge me overpricing? Honestly, I got disappointed but very thankful coz I got my 250 back. Now I can sleep well without thinking about it anymore. Lesson learned for me to keep reading and observe what’s in my surrounding!

Our little girl

Jun 20, 2014 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Health

Few days ago we brought our little girl to the hospital and admitted due to sever pneumonia. We were so afraid for what may happen to her but thanks God for He’s there always intervening her life by caring and healing her sickness. God also provided our needs especially for the finances. One thing I appreciated we prepared ahead of time our health insurances. I’m sure anyone who can afford for it are also did the same. Companies who delivered the same services are available online like at Please care for your health.


We’re getting older

Jan 26, 2014 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Health

We cannot deny the fact that as the years go bye, our age getting older and our body getting weaker and we need some support to make our body keep healthy. One thing we needed most is the metabolic actions that help nutrients in the right process and these are done with the help of the pancreatic enzymes. Healthy diets also helps individual prolong life spans.



May 28, 2012 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Health

Do not resuscitate. This is the right of the family of a patient to waive and sign a paper stating that no intervention will be done during crisis or during cardiac pulmonary arrest. May not be a guarantee to revive the patient totally but at least we can give some emergency drug or at least we can do cardiac pulmonary resuscitation so we could somehow revive a patient. But again it is the family who will decide to sign DNR form or not.

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