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In the OR

Jan 24, 2012 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Health

In my nursing career it gives me the opportunity to appreciate life, learn more about life and ways how to preserve life. I would always thankful for my life for I don’t suffer to what the other’s are agonizing. In the hospital you could end up into realization just merely seeing those complicated patients and in pain. I was able also to assist different kinds of operation and witness how the doctor would do the laser spinal surgery. I was able to anticipated the surgeon’s need by just doing it again and again.

Safe delivery

Sep 13, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Health

When I was still carrying baby in my womb the doctor advised me to get  the best baby monitor so I can know the development of my little one inside me because there was a little blood seen when my baby is still a weeks old. I was being prescribed and taken a lot of medicine to keep my pregnancy safe throughout nine months. With proper monitor and checkups I delivered my baby very normal via spontaneous vaginal delivery. Praise God.

Saving lives

Aug 23, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Health

It is part of my profession to take good care of my patients. It takes a lot of compassion in order to provide quality care. Sometimes it is very hard especially when changing diaper to elderly patients. It really stinks. When you are not a hard core nurse you will not be able stay for this dirty but noble and fulfilling job. This is what nursing profession is all about. But we admired more the Physicians & Surgeons Jobs for they are used by God to save the life of the people with all their might.

Nurses abroad

Jul 24, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Health

We can’t deny the fact that many Philippine nurses are trying to shape their future and luck in the other country rather than serving own country because of lack of employment opportunity and also because of the little compensation received compare the amount that can be earned abroad. It is so sad to know that many registered nurses are still jobless including me because of the limited job offer by the hospitals. Nurses also are increasing in number so the government can’t accommodate them all.

Safe fat burners

Jul 10, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Health, medicines

Do you have fats in your body and you want to be sexy? But you are having hard time burning it even how hard you  exercise? No need to worry because there are safe fat burners now that will help you. It can help burns unwanted fats in our body effectively and safely. Try it and you will see the best result. Be sexy and healthy.

Nodular Acne

Jun 5, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: acne, fashion and beauty, Health

What I thought why some people got a nodular acne because first of being too busy in their everyday lives that make people stress, lack of time taking rest and sleep and most specially being exposed with the air pollution. To avoid having acne we must take attention of our health and hygiene. If we take enough time to sleep and rest, if we wash our face regularly and apply some trusted and quality beauty products then the possibility of having acne would be less.

Health is Wealth

May 13, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Health, people, public

“Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health” A warning to everyone who smokes. No matter how we remind our father, no matter how we explained to him what sickness that cigarettes can caused still he continues smoking Rocky Patel cigars. He said it would be very hard for him to stop because since he was 15 years old he already started smoking and now he is turning 60.

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