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Holiday season

Feb 25, 2013 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: holidays

The holiday season is few months away what better way to prepare now while we could think of the overall scenario of the parties or programs we will be hosting. Now I am beginning to plan about them so nothing will be left out. I could also make use of the services of the invitation consultants, and also especially those who tend to cram, they have very beautiful collection we can select from, ready made, and also holiday cards. No hassles with throwing parties and any events.

Oak island

Dec 6, 2012 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: holidays, Uncategorized

Looking for beach, amazing, unique? Or are you daydreaming at work of lying on a windswept beach watching the waves come in? Well, it sounds like you’re in need of a nice little vacation where you can feel some sand between your toes. Enjoy the energy that exudes from the real estate oak island nc for the chance to reward yourself from working hard most of the time. So, why wait? Start your vacation early in a glamour beaches near coast.

At work, majority of our hotel guests are tourists from different countries. Usually Tourists traveled miles just to make a tour to witness the beauty of the country and its people. Some of our guests were too confident making tours of their own without any tour guides. I just wondered how they made it to drive and find the place wherein they were not familiar with and were able to come back to the Hotel? I found out, they were using handheld gps. It is a satellite-based navigation system that navigates locations all around the world and provides time information in all weather. It helped them enjoy the adventure of travelling without getting lost.

Summer getaway

Apr 27, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: destinations, holidays, Travels and destination



It’s summer time! This is the best time for us with my family to go out, to relax and have fun. We have been in “Enchanted River” in Surigao Del Sur which is known for its mysterious depth that gives deep sky blue color. We’ve been also in Emaars Wave pool in Davao City and Panas Falls in New Corella Composta Valley province. I am enjoying the summer. It was so hot these days but yesterday the weather changed to shady until it rained. What a cool summer. I went outside & played in the rain. I just miss being a kid.

Christmas tree at home

Nov 21, 2010 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: holidays, Personal

Silver Christmas tree The spirit of Christmas is so alive at home! My sister has finished creating and putting up the Christmas tree these past weeks. Oh how I miss home, and the joy of Philippine Christmas celebration with everyone, so spirited and free, I have never experienced somewhere else, so warm and happy, with loving families, loyal and true, through thick and thin! Perhaps I’m just missing home this season. I could not go home for I don’t have a passport yet, and no moolah:(

Tagum City christmas tree

Dec 21, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: arts and culture, holidays, Philippines, Travels

I did not spend my Christmas in the Philippines last year, but I was able to see the record-high Christmas tree that was built in Freedom Park. In 2006 it was the highest Christmas tree nationwide, but last year it was divided into two equal lengths, the other half was giving lights to the people around the public market. They were tremendous. This year they are just fabulous with all the other Christmas lights and displays, they are very entertaining and ‘joy-giving’. May yours is full.


Capt. Andy’s Boat Tours in Na Pali

Mar 19, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: destinations, Featured, holidays, reviews

Na Pali coast adventure

I love nature. I love the beach. Though I am not the best swimmer, the beach always captivates me, maybe because of the freedom and wild feeling it gives those who indulge, and also because of it’s wonderful beauty. Stopping over in Hawaii many times I came to know first hand some facts about its great tourism spots. One place I want to explore some day is the Na Pali Coast along the Hawaiian shores. It is the best for nature trek and beach adventures. Na Pali coast is a national state park that can be accessed by hiking, by chopper or by boating. Kauai boat tours by the Yacht Club O‘ahu Channel sailing race winner Capt. Andy and his crew will sail us along the state park, the nature reserve, and to see geologic formations, volcanoes, and other natural features. They are always breathtakingly beautiful. You will not just witness the wonder of the works of nature which are diverse in this place, but always view wildlife and even Kauai whale watching. Isn’t that a one of a kind experience? All of nature wild and free, the amazing cliffs, exceptional landscapes is always stress relieving, the place so lush and tropical. Some called it a must-see place; yeah we can call it paradise on its own. Sailing adventures or the daring raft expeditions, you can have it all with an online comprehensive coast guide to Na Pali.

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