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Bundle Of Joy

Nov 22, 2017 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: family, Personal

I am taking care of my 3 kids now. Two of them are of almost the same age. The one I did not anticipate was that it is a great problem in caring for them. Yes, my mother told me that in her years, she took care of her 7 children all by herself without a helper. I cannot imagine how my mother handled all the pressures and sacrifices. But in my case, maybe because I am a working mom and soon will be resuming to work. I am nursing my newborn 24/7 and I have a hard time taking care of my 1 year old which made me feel guilty as a mother. I am so much thankful for my siblings for helping me take care of my kids. My mother also is always available when I needed her when their titas are not around. In 3weeks time I will be resuming to work. I need to find a helper to assist my sister who will be taking charge with my 2 kids. I hope I can find one soon. I have a lot of things running in my mind now which made me overthink, my dad is in the hospital right now for an operation, a helper to find and I am afraid I wont fully breastfeed my baby when I resume to work. I can express milk in my workplace but time will come milk supply will not be enough for my baby’s demand and by that time formula milk will be introduced which mean another expenses to top of our budget. Well, having three kids with close age gap is difficult but despite of it all the joy that they are giving me is enough to sustain me every day.

For the future

Jul 25, 2016 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Personal

The people of the Philippines right now are waiting for the SONA or the state of the nation address given by the President. This is the time to share his accomplishments during his one hundred days of administration and for his future plan and vision for the country. As one of his constituents,we are supporting him not just for the present but for our future generations.

My life is mine

Mar 24, 2016 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Personal

Former President of the U.S says, “If you have no plan, other people will make plan for you”, He is absolutely right. For me it is the most disgusted and uncomfortable situation if it ever be. I like so much other opinions and suggestions for it helps me a lot in achieving certain goals. Only I don’t like other people to command me that this is what should I do, we can suggest but don’t expect that our suggestion will be pursue, and if it is done just keep smile might be other suggestions are better than yours. Don’t get offended if you are not followed for every others life depends themselves, my life is not your life and your life is not mine, I do not like to interfere or intervene others life for I don’t like more too.

Outside the country

Jan 21, 2016 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Personal

Early morning today after wake up, I chatted with my little girl as what we used too, we talked about her studies and how she well in the classroom, still she said for the best and as a parent I think this is one of the precious moments we had. Later we discussed about our coming vacation in Singapore this coming seventeenth of February, she told me how excited she is, the last time we had in SG was when she was two year old. She knows that many of her unties and other relatives are there. What a wonderful travel outside the country together with my whole family.


It’s like a wheel

Sep 20, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Personal, Uncategorized

We are not perfect and we are not superman, though we are strong and mature, there are still time that we are weak, our mind are strong and we plan so many things and actually wanted to do but we can’t deny the fact that still our humanly nature are working on and sometimes thinking to quit. But this normal, as what it says, our lives are just like a wheel, sometimes it goes up, and sometimes it goes down.

We’re having fun

Jul 22, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Personal

Right now we are having a good fun with my family, my hubby bought a durian fruit for more than four kilos and we are just three eating for it. It seems it was our penalty for we need to eat so much. Later my hubby and my daughter surrendered because it was really many for the three of us.

Plain IUD removal

Apr 24, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Health, Personal

Today is the first day of my three days off from work, this means I have ample time to rest especially my eyes in front of a computer the whole day. I will just be staying at home for 3days since hubby and our daughter are not with me now for they attended a conference somewhere in Zambo City.

This morning I decided to see a doctor or should I say I need to see an Ob-Gyne doctor about my intrauterine device or IUD. We decided to have it removed and we think now is the right time to expect again since my daughter will be turning five already. She always pressured me to have a baby! I went too early to the clinic for me to be the first in the line and yes I was the first who came. And waahhh the clinic was still closed. I seated alone to wait for the secretary to arrived and open the clinic, she came after 30min of waiting, so I jotted down my name in the waiting list. After a minute another pregnant women came and  many other were coming for check ups and prenatal check-up.

Unfortunately the doctor came @ 11 am, too long for me because I waited for 2 hours. But it was fine though because I was the one entertained first. So the doctor now inspected me, she was using speculum and ovum forceps to have the IUD removed, I just felt a little bit pain, its like menstrual pain and yes my IUD was finally removed. According to the doctor the IUD was already displaced, it was inserted 5years ago! She prescribed me medicine and after 2 minutes procedure the secretary now telling me about the charges, oh my I can’t believed I paid 1,000php, without uttering any words I left the clinic and went home straight after.

I cant stop my mind thinking about the amount I paid for just a 2 minute procedure. Suddenly I remembered it just happened that I spotted their list of charges and I saw there,, 750 for just a pain removal and 1,000 for the ultrasound guided removal. I am pretty sure that it was only a plain removal, so I decided to come to the clinic to clarify about the charges and when I talked to the secretary, she retrieved my record and I said I saw the list and I remember the charges for plain removal is only 750, and she said oh it was a plain removal, good thing that you saw the price list. Haha! What if I don’t see it, it means she’ll charge me overpricing? Honestly, I got disappointed but very thankful coz I got my 250 back. Now I can sleep well without thinking about it anymore. Lesson learned for me to keep reading and observe what’s in my surrounding!

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