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A thankful Heart

Jul 29, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: people, Personal

Tomorrow is Sunday. My whole family will go to the church. I just suddenly contemplated how God is been so good to me. He always blesses me and answers my prayers. In times when I was down He gave me strength and determination to stand, in times when I was in trouble He worked on His way to make everything’s ok to make me alright. He is my fortress and stronghold. When I was in deep pain He gave me comfort through the people I love and loves me. When I didn’t understand things He gave me more faith and trust on Him. Lord, without you I am nothing, we are nothing. I would like to thank you first for the salvation and second for being so faithful & true to your children. I love you my Lord. Amen!

It’s positive

Jul 25, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Personal

Almost everytime we asked a positive answers to all of our prayers. But this time we were praying for negative. Me, my sister and my 11 months old niece went to the clinic to get the medical result of my niece and very sad to know for what we were praying for a negative result the answer is positive. Oh poor niece, she is only a baby. She is too young to get sick. This month is not a good month for our family. We encountered many circumstances and bad situations. We know life is not always at good times. Sometimes, God is giving us trials to strengthen our faith, to make us better and strong. God doesn’t’ give trials we can’t overcome so it means in every problem there is always a solution. The doctor prescribed a medication for my niece. We are praying and hoping that God would bless the medicine she is going to take and that He would heal her very soon. Hear our prayers oh Lord.

Getting Ready!

Jul 23, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Personal

This is it! I am very busy preparing my stuff & things to bring on my travel to other country next month. I love to prepare weeks earlier to the time so that I will not be in rush and that I can enjoy the rest of my remaining days with family and friends without any stress. Oh, how I’m excited but at the same time a bit nervous & lonely. It will be two years again I need to live alone and just work. It’s fine for I know there would be the greener pasture for me and that God is with me. He will never leave me nor forsake me.  He is my greatest comfort in times of loneliness and greatest help in times of needs.

Was just hacked

Jul 10, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Personal

The whole clan was glad when our cousin told us that he has forgotten to log-out his social web account as he is new to it and his account has been hacked by someone who was helpless, nothing to do in life. The hacker posted these words “I’m sorry but I can’t keep it anymore. I am a gay. I love you Boys.” Thanks God it was not true.

Was it a joke?

Jun 20, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: people, Personal

“I am gay and I couldn’t hide it anymore. I love you Boys.” Our clan is all totally shocked today with that message that my one male cousin had posted in his social networking site. We don’t know if he was just kidding us or no. He is a teenager that act really a man, he belongs to a religious family, his parents are Pastor and Bible woman and soon to be a missionary to other country so obviously he knows the truth that God will not be happy in that. God made man and woman only. There’s no gay. I don’t condemn gays but it is very clear biblically that it is a sin. We know and we believe that our cousin is not a gay and somebody must have hacked and played his profile. We are still looking forward with the truth to clear out all our minds.

Thanks to you, Bro!

Jun 4, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Computers, Personal

I am thankful with my little brother today for fixing my laptop. I never thought my pictures, folders and music files will get recovered at all.  My anti-virus software got expire this morning and I received too much warning from the action center for virus treats and  my computer shutted down itself. I reopened my laptop and I got happy that it was opening but was so sad because I couldn’t find some of my important files anymore. I didn’t make any back-up of them. I thanked God my little brother who is a Computer Engineering student, fixed my laptop easily and recovered all the lost files. Bravo to you, Bro! Keep it up.

It’s just goodbye

May 14, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Blue Monday, church, farewell, Personal

We made a farewell party at the church last Sunday to one of the workers in the church who is going for “internship” to complete his studies at Bible School.  We gave him tribute as He contributed a lot to the ministry of the church. He was the in-charge of the young people, a choir conductor and an encourager. The party was so enjoyable but very sentimental. We laughed and cried. We all know it’s not the end of everything and that we’ll see each other again. We are praying that God may continue to use him to bless and save more souls. May His light will continue to shine to everyone. God bless Him in His new journey of life.

My Dream House

Apr 27, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Homes and improvement, Personal

I am dreaming to have my own family and own house. My house should be in a quiet and peaceful place, away from the City, with a durable, beautiful and elegant furnitures and interior designs. I will choose plantation shutters for this is the interior products I need for my dream house. It will perfectly fit with any décors and it is not just elegant and durable but also affordable in price. My kids & my husband for sure will love it. And we will live happily ever after. Wish God will make my dream come true.


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