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At work, majority of our hotel guests are tourists from different countries. Usually Tourists traveled miles just to make a tour to witness the beauty of the country and its people. Some of our guests were too confident making tours of their own without any tour guides. I just wondered how they made it to drive and find the place wherein they were not familiar with and were able to come back to the Hotel? I found out, they were using handheld gps. It is a satellite-based navigation system that navigates locations all around the world and provides time information in all weather. It helped them enjoy the adventure of travelling without getting lost.

Barcode Scanner

Apr 27, 2011 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: business/finance, electronics and gadgetry, shopping and recreation, technology

Shopping is one of my hobbies. It feels so nice to shop however, waiting and falling in line to the counter is so annoying. I am thankful for the high technology today. Malls, shopping Centers, Supermarkets & any other stores are now using barcode scanner which is very useful & helpful. It makes everyone’s job easier & makes the service faster for the convenience of the shoppers.

Free audio books

Oct 16, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: education, electronics and gadgetry, technology

It is one of my hobbies to read books. But sometimes my eyes are getting tired of reading. It is a great news to know that there is a free audio books.
One of the best offers ever made because you can choose what books you want. You do not need to strain your eyes from reading because you just have to listen to it anywhere at any time. Isn’t it great, is it?

Self Erasable Paper

May 5, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: education, technology

Xerox has invented a new form of Self Erasable Paper that would self erase anything printed on the surface of special type of paper within a time span of 24 hours, the paper can then be reused for upto 100 times. So you might ask what the use of this? Well it can be used in offices, instead of trashing or recycling the paper, it can be used again and again for upto 100 times. This Reusable paper is environmentally safe, reduces paper waste and could also help in lowering overall paper costs. It is amazing to know that this paper can be used up many times. I never thought of this kind of invention. This is great. How the technology works:

The paper contains specially coded molecules that create a print after being exposed to ultraviolet light emitted from a thin bar in a printer. The molecule readjusts itself within 24 hours to its original form to delete the print, or heat can readjust the molecule instantly. Xerox developed the molecule. The ultraviolet bar itself is very small, so it can also be used in mobile printers.

Six-wheeled soldier

Mar 18, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: technology

six-wheeled soldier, MULEYou call a vehicle a “soldier”? That is how we will fight wars on the future, at least as explained in the new technology of war, answering the question with battle footages, animation, live-action weapons testing and interviews with experts to examine everything from robot warriors to unmanned aerial vehicles. That is the trend. If we can deploy robots to wash our windows, or clean the floor, why not as a soldier? In fact, it has been tried already, those electronic objects deploying or searching for bombs. Right, we are talking about robots in warfare. Did you say we are in the age of the machines? Now this 6-wheeled soldier called MULE, multifunctional utility/ logistics and equipment, is not just unmanned while remotely controlled and armed with antitank or missiles, but it actually climbs over other vehicles to attack enemies. Could be deployed by the army by 2013.

Get your invention launched!

Mar 12, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: technology

For scientists out there who always have light bulbs flashing on their bright minds, and who have unique or innovative product ideas: You can get your work launched and see your dream invention turned into reality, and marketed right before your eyes, in most popular stores, magazines, television shows, and gadgets universe. Start at The Montel Show,, where your invention will be featured in its search for the next great inventor with Alexander Innovation Wizard.

Buildings of the world

Feb 23, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Photography, technology

PhotoHunt 98: Wooden

We see how the Middles East, not just Dubai, has been booming with all projects that are so amazing, making records in the world. All constructions modern and prestigious and are unending, it is really amazing to see them work.
Dubai buildings

But far from the recesses of the modern world is this one barn across the road. It has been there for more than half a century. I think it is lovely.
wooden barn

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