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Long-necked beauty

Feb 25, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: arts and culture, education, Featured, immigration, Personal, reviews

The illusion of the long neck

I came across a humor blog few weeks back and the humorist showed a photo or two of peoples, particularly of women having long necks. At first sight that seemed funny, but I knew it goes deeper than that.

By following Jewel in the palace community I read some phrases about “long-necked beauty”. So was it for that reason that those women have long necks, for beauty?

Burma-Thailand borderI have not traveled and met with them actually, I just found some interesting things. I believe there are also some small tribes in Africa (women of Ndebele), but the group of people some labeled as the “long-neck” or “giraffe” tribe, signifying the very old tradition and practice of adorning their women with rings around the neck, are called Karen Padaung, a tiny sub-group of the larger Karen people, natives of Burma who have long been caught up in a civil war against the government, and found refuge in artificial tourist villages in Thailand who were accepted by the Thai government for the tourist money they bring in, which also supports them. They sat on display at a Bangkok tourism fair, helping to create the buzz that would draw visitors from around the globe who will be paying a heavy entrance fee to gawk at them. They prefer to be exploited for tourism, (anyway they seem to enjoy being photographed), than going back to their land in civil war.

Long neck womenIn the Mae Hong Sorn and Bann Thaton area in Thailand, the women of the Karen Padaung villages wear multiple brass spiral coils and rings around the neck, the arms and the legs, and use carved elephant tusk in the ears. This neck ring adornment is started when the girls are 5 or 6 years old and the neck grows longer as additional rings are added with each passing year. The rings on the neck reach from the clavicle up to beneath the chin, and these rings are always held very tightly by the bone structure from clavicle to chin. But the appearance of a longer neck is a visual illusion. The women’s necks are not actually stretched. The weight of the rings gradually pushed down the women’s collarbones, as well as the upper ribs, to such an angle that the collarbone actually appears to be a part of the neck, making an illusion of a long neck! For this tribe the rings are the most prominent sign of female beauty and status, and an extra-long neck is considered a sign of great beauty and wealth and that it will attract a better husband. But in this small tribe whose members marries within the group, adultery is low, A Karen Paduang Long Neck woman stands with her child in a forest near the border between Burma and Thailand in Southeast Asia. (National Geographic)long neck women well, since the punishment is removal of the brass neck ring, which over the years, weakened the neck muscles that women have to spend their life lying down for support. Each peoples, each cultures. There is always striking beauty and wonder in them that overwhelm our thoughts of fathoming them.

My Travel Document

Sep 17, 2007 Author: admin | Filed under: immigration

This time it is totally useless, as well as the $305 we paid for the Advance parole which would have let me enter into the USA if I leave without my Green Card yet. It was just that we don’t have any news about my green card for so many months that applying for travel document I-131 was comforting, knowing we have something to wait upon. But since my green card came, before being given travel document, it is now part of the experience dealing with my papers here as wife of a US Citizen.

Today I got a response from USCIS that they have received my application a month ago and still take them some 60-90 days to process it. I’m just thankful my green card came, mid-October we would have to use it, and for sure travel document would not be up yet, by estimating their time frame, before they can make a decision, it will be too late. 🙂

Welcome Letters

Sep 10, 2007 Author: admin | Filed under: immigration

le 10 septembre 2007

I get the mail and oh my, what’s the business with United States Immigration and Citizenship Services? I got seven, 7, mails from them! When we opened the envelops, all the same content. So they welcome me to the USA 7 times, all in the same postmarked day, same letter and dates. And the letters were few days late since I got my green card already. Oh well.

But one thing, in one of the letters it says there that since the date they received my request, when I called them few times, they have approved my case September 1st. There was the catch. If I had not called them about my case, maybe we are still waiting for my green card till now. So I guess, every applicant must call them and follow up the earlier the better, it won’t hurt. Though we had not done it that early, still thankful. I just sent some sms to my sisters about it. Good news for us.

I’m a US Resident Now

Sep 7, 2007 Author: admin | Filed under: immigration

le 7 septembre 2007

Finally, after many months of waiting for any news and result of the I-485, Application for Permanent Residency or to adjust Status, I received my Green Card this day. We submitted the papers to the lawyer late October, service center received it early November, I was approved Early September. Apparently, it took them to finish my papers 10 months.

False Hope

Aug 2, 2007 Author: admin | Filed under: immigration

le 2 août 2007

Goodness, goodness! Ngek ngek ngek. Oh my goodness! Every call gives a new surprise; but my third call to the USCIS was so shocking. The representative said that the local service center New Orleans has just finished the May 2006 cases! Hah! That’s more than a year behind! Tsk tsk tsk. With the same slow pace, it seems mine will not be up till 6 months and more plus from now, and like the others, will take more than a year. Wish I could volunteer to help speed up case processing there. Goodness. It was just a false hope after all, something that really won’t happen yet though I had held it in me. Oh well, not all things will go on our favor. Finding other ways.

I Had to Call USCIS!

Jul 25, 2007 Author: admin | Filed under: immigration

le 25 julliet 2007

This time we were impatient already, it had been more than six months and my application to adjust status has not been approved yet, much less, we didn’t hear any from them. Hubby was at work and I called the USCIS costumer service number to inquire about my case. We had been looking at the processing time in California service center and my case is long past the schedule already, or, are they just so behind with other older applications? I talked to a guy representative, he was helpful, saying he would send a letter to California for me, but alas, his PC just stopped working he had to forward me to another line. If I didn’t tell the woman then that the guy told me he would send a note to CA she would have not done it! I was glad I initiated it. So she said she had forward the message to the service center and I will just wait for 30-60 days for their reply in the mail. Though it was bleaky, and surely seemed to take another months, still glad something was done. We target middle of October, and we got just barely three months.

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