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Kipling travel

Nov 29, 2009 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Travels

In about a week I will be off to visit my friend. It will be about three-hour flight. I am really excited. We planned to shop when we get there so I won’t bring much stuff with me, I will be staying in their house for just one week anyway. Of course we are both thrift shoppers when it makes sense so this time we could buy a lot if not much. So my plan is to check my Kipling baggage that contains another small bag that will be my carry-on on my flight back. It is a kind of luggage that is very durable so no worries about the handling and the length of flight. I love traveling and I can’t wait for this one.

Walking to the dome

Nov 17, 2009 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Travels

Last year we took a taxi, but this year we learned a lesson. We just walked to Louisiana Superdome which was just some blocks away from the hotel we stayed at for the weekend. We saved not just money for the taxi, or from possible trouble from finding our parking space if we drove down. Walking down several streets gave our feet the exercise due them, and of course, some quality time together. It was memorable. Even saved us a lot of time of getting to our destination faster than being trapped in several minutes of taffic.

Turtle crossing

Sep 25, 2009 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Photography, Travels

I remember the sign that says, “Pelican crossing”, but the other day what was crossing the highway was not a pelican nor a cow, but a turtle. I was delighted to see such adorable little creature creeping on the road, it was so cute to me, but at the same time, I was worried, you see, for sure we will not run him over, but others might. Of course we could never make a turtle transport itself faster by its own (it has been said that it was the turtle couple who last came in and went out of Noah’s ark), but I was so relieve while straining my spinal cord as I looked back at him making it across the other side of the road while there were no other vehicles coming. It was a success for him.

It was just one turtle, but can you imagine 78 turtles crawling onto the tarmac and eventually shut down an airport runway? Without considering the delays they innocently caused, the sightings must have been breathtaking, after all, it’s not everyday you see those kind of reptiles, 78 of them, make a crawling showdown.

A village woman

Sep 22, 2009 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: arts and culture, India, Travels

This is one of my favorite photos that I shot during my tour in the subcontinent: an Indian woman of strong personality in her traditional Indian clothing ‘sari’, wearing an expression on her face, worry, concern and curiosity over something she was looking at. We were in a ‘forest park’ this time. I like photos like this, one depicting how the people live in their everyday lives in some part of the world foreign to us. It’s beautiful, and colorful, for me it is priceless.

Juhu sunset

Sep 16, 2009 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: electronics and gadgetry, Health, India, Personal, Travels

Beginning tomorrow I will be passing time again, but not in watching the Juhu sunset and the beach below from the hotel window, but in searching for something to occupy me in the weeks of solitude. This time my project is to redo and finish the cad drawing of the church, this one will really keep me bored by being busy and using my now almost stagnant brain for few weeks. Still nothing beats a constructive, intelligent company to converse and deal with. And it is not sunset yet, the sun has just risen up. Have to have my own way.

Sister travels

Sep 16, 2009 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Travels

I really hope my sister will be granted a visit visa to enter her best friend’s country to fulfill her duty, as an ‘imported’ maid-of-honor’. Isn’t that nice? Time is ticking though, but I believe she will be permitted in just the right time. It has been a trying and stressing time for her, but I am positive she can take a deep breath of relief and gratitude the soonest. The thing with not knowing the dates yet is that I also cannot determine my own in order to visit with her then up north. It is very exciting opportunity.

Safe flight

Jun 11, 2009 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Travels

I planned on treating my mother-in-law for dinner in her favorite restaurant, but hubb’s flight came a little early and we have no more hour to spare for dinner on our way to the airport. I am just happy that they have a safe flight. I know there were some airplanes that had troubles these days in the news, (my heart goes for everyone concerned). I didn’t have to worry but with a long sixteen-hour flight, been hoping they’ll make it, which they always have, and they do. They are safe.

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