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Worrysome to Worryless

Dec 17, 2017 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: family, Health, Uncategorized

There are a lot of things which we do not expect but it’s really happening in us. Yes, accepting it can be very hard and painful. Things that you didnt imagine that you will also experience. I have encountered a lot of cancer patients/client in my everyday work as claims representative but never in my mind that my father would be a victim also with this monster cells. I have comforted all of them with encouraging words but when it comes to myself I realized that it so hard to deal with it. I feel so depressed upon knowing that my father has a stage 2 gastric cancer. It seems that our world has shaken. Tears is the only way to express how we feel inside. It’s so hard. After 23days in the hospital my father was discharged already and is now recovering at home. It is so painful to see that he is losing weight but I know he will be ok and regain his strenght soon. We trust God for everything. He already been with us since from the first day until now and He will be with us always in this difficult journey. His words are the only anchor that we hold on. Papa please know that we are with you in this battle and we will do everything we can to bring your energy back. Just keep on holding on to God’s promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

The Ballard Attraction

Dec 16, 2017 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

The Ballard Attraction

When you plan on traveling to a new city, you are probably planning an itinerary full of famous tourist attractions. During my pre-travel research, I’m always on the hunt for hidden secrets within the city, and my trip to Seattle, Washington was no exception. There are plenty of beautiful places to go while visiting sunny Seattle, like the Space Needle or Pike Place Market. The space needle was really interesting, I learned a lot of facts that I learned from my science and physics tutor back home applied to real life.
But you cannot miss my favorite attraction: North West Market Street in the downtown Ballard neighborhood.
Some cities have famous streets, but I’m glad this isn’t one of them. Seattle is well-known for the hip downtown scene, but Ballard seems to have its own young, zesty atmosphere. North West Market Street runs right through the heart of Ballard, where all the delicious restaurants and steamy coffee joints serve hundreds of smiling people daily, people who are out and about all hours of the day. All the condos that line the street are sleek and modern, all the shops are hip and cool, and all the people are beautiful and stylish.
Continue west at the intersection of North West Market Street and 15th Avenue North West, and you will be strolling right past some of Seattle’s finest historical architecture. Not to mention some of my personal favorite small businesses I’ve ever been to. The Golden Beetle is warm and classy (though a tad spendy), but serves the best mediterranean food I’ve ever had. Another adorable bar found on Market Street is called Ocho on the corner of 24th Avenue, where tapas and good company collide. In the morning, after a fu nurse mild hangovers at Ballard Coffee Works because they have large windows and outdoor patio to enjoy.
If you appreciate the taste of fresh fish, give Billy Beach Sushi and Bar a try, where you can watch expert chefs prepare delicate sushi art right in front of you. I spent a total of ten days in Seattle, and I ate dinner here twice! The prices are reasonable and I am a sucker for food with fins.
While you are staying the weekend in Ballard, you will be missing out on pure culture if you don’t attend Ballard’s Sunday farmer’s market. Just off of Market Street, the farmer’s market stretches for blocks as locals pick up their fresh food for the week. It’s become as common a date as going out on Friday night. Couples take their dogs for long walks, families spend quality time together, and others just enjoy the outdoors.
One more place Ballard inhabitants enjoy the outdoors is the best attraction in all of Seattle called Golden Gardens park. A long stretch of curvy beach, this beautiful piece of land looks out across crystal clear lake and picture perfect mountains. There is also a small pavilion near the entrance that sells hot dogs and ice cream, classic picnic foods. If you’d rather sit down and eat, you could grab a bite at the marina’s restaurant (that also sells yummy ice cream).
I loved North West Market Street because I felt like the area was a perfect representation of Seattle’s high-class tastes, and was only minutes from the main downtown area. You can easily hop any bus line and go in any direction. While staying in Ballard, I took a beautiful day trip Bainbridge via ferry, which was less than an hour commute each way. If you decide to stay in Ballard, the entire Seattle metro area is within reach.
Part of the joy of traveling is being a tourist and seeing city landmarks because they are all famous for their own reasons. I always visit the popular tourist destinations when I travel. There’s usually at least one that attracts me to the city in the first place. They are always great and enjoyable, but nothing beats finding local hotspots where the true colors of the culture shine. My trip highlights always end up being something I never planned on doing, something that Google could never prepare me for. And that’s really what traveling is all about, having unforgettable experiences that shake your inner fibers and widen your perspective. If you didn’t have at least one epiphany while living out of a suitcase, then you missed out on a truly unbelievable opportunity.

Best Beaches of Hawaii

Dec 13, 2017 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

Best Beaches of Hawaii

If you ask any lover of the golden sands to name any spot where the land meets water to perfection on the stunning island of Hawaii, then more often than not the answer will differ from person to person like the ever changing tides. As luck would have it, Hawaii is blessed with an abundance of water bodies, thereby resulting in a beach to cater to any whim whatsoever.From the turquoise bays to the shell covered swaths of surf and sand, the beaches of Hawaii are not all created equal. So start planning your tropical getaway to this exotic island destination by visiting these best beaches in Hawaii and staying in a rental house in Hawaii.

Waipio Valley Beach, Big Island

Though this is one of the most inaccessible stretches of sand out of the huge numbers present in Hawaii, it is well worth the effort. To get to this piece of paradise in Waipio Valley, one has to drive down an extremely narrow and treacherous road, which is very steep in most places to get to the beach. However, once you have managed to clear these hurdles, an absolutely breathtaking area of a mile long volcanic sand beach unfolds before your eyes. Set against the backdrop of a rainforest and a 2000 feet high cliff, if the sights of this scenic place do not enthrall you, the nearby Waiulili and Kaluahine waterfalls surely will.

Secret Beach, Kauai

Almost everybody loves the resort studded beaches of Hawaii, but they are all crowded and far from tranquil. If it is solitude and serenity you are after, head to the secluded half mile stretch of sand known as Secret Beach. Though officially known as Kauapea, the beach got its name due to the far off location between Kilauea point and Kalihiwai bay. Not only is this place way off the tourist track, it can only be reached by hiking past a rocky and unmarked trail. Once there, visitors are rewarded with cascading waterfalls, lush green forests set against a backdrop of jutting red cliffs.

Ko Olina Beach, Oahu

Located on the western part of Oahu, this beach is a great draw with families with children.The waters are clear blue and shallow, making it a sheer delight for the little ones to wallow in. Once the kids have had their fill of the water, they can head with the adults to the adjacent theme destination of Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa, which has been garnering top awards for being the most family friendly resort in the whole of Hawaii for a number of years.

Waimea Bay Beach Park, Oahu

This famous beach, though set in the northern and under developed region of Oahu, is famous the world over for surfing. Here in Waimea Bay, in the four months from November leading to February, some of the most inspiring giant swells occur, which draw professional surfers in their thousands to this beach. Waimea beach, along with the neighbouring Sunset and Ehukai beach, play host to some of the top most surfing events anywhere on earth. There are plenty of quality resorts and hotels nearby, where one can opt to stay in order to be near the action at all times.

Polihale State Park, Kauai

This seventeen mile stretch of sand on the windswept western shore of Kauai takes some getting to, but once your SUV has managed to take you over the bumpy roads and never ending sand dunes, a truly magical beach awaits the visitor. Such iconic landmarks of Hawaii like, Niihau, the forbidden island, and the Napali cliffs are easily visible from here. Adventure seekers, providing they have a permit, have the option of camping on this remote and peaceful beach.

Poipu Beach Park, Kauai

Another beach in Hawaii which attracts families and kids in large numbers because it is protected from the sea.The waters here are perfect for people learning to swim, and a lifeguard is present on all days for the safety of everyone. This sunny south shore is a haven for surfing and snorkeling or just frolicking in the water as well, apart from other outdoor activities.

Waikiki Beach, Oahu

Situated in Oahu, Waikiki Beach is known the world over for its location and the numerous activities on offer.This two mile stretch of sand has a vast number of facilities nearby like, hotels, bars and other beach attractions. Some of the popular activities on Waikiki include, boating, swimming, surfing, canoe and catamaran rides. The beach boasts of breathtaking views of Diamond Head and the welcome statue of Duke Kahanamoku. The total beach area of Waikiki, in fact, comprises of three other beaches altogether, namely, Fort DeRussy, Queen Surf and Kuhio beach.

Hapuna Beach, Big Island

Situated just north of Kona, Hapuna Beach is a big hit with vacationers for a number of reasons. The waters along this long stretch of sand are not only crystal clear, but the conditions for swimming and snorkeling are unparalleled. The surroundings are lush green and the beach is quite expansive, thereby allowing for plenty of room for the open air activities.

Whether you are after a high octane surfing adventure or just a romantic sunset view with your partner, the beaches of Hawaii are a true paradise in their own right. For the discerning beach goer there is even more to explore aling the 112 miles of the coastline of Hawaii.

Breastmilk is the Best

Dec 4, 2017 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

“Breastfeeding while onboard despite having air sickness”


I still have one more week to express and store breastmilk for my baby before going back to work. I have ambivalent emotion and I wish to have more time. Indeed, Time flies so fast when you’re enjoying! I wished I had pumped more milk and occupied the freezer but I will make use of my remaining time to pump more so I can extend my breastfeeding journey. With breastfeeding, aside from its nutritional benefits that my baby gets, it is also a big help for us in our budgetting. These are just two of the major benefits of breastfeeding.

I have read one statement that I like so much and wished that every mother will take it as a serious one. “ Your baby deserves the best, give them your breast”. To be honest, I feel so sad seeing mothers who are able to breastfeed and yet chose to bottlefeed their babies. It’s ok for a working mother like me who can’t sustain a 6months pure breastfeeding but for those stay-at-home moms is not. I really don’t believe there is no enough supply of milk which most bottlefeeding mothers believed. It’s all in the mind. Based on my experience the more the baby sucks, the more milk supply the brain will produce. God designed every mother with enough milk to sustain her baby. Yes, breastfeeding sometimes is uncomfortable but I never mind it. I am confident that I am giving the best for my babies.
“How about you mothers, are you breastfeeding or knows someone who does? “ You can share your experiences here.

Finding the Perfect Family Car

Nov 27, 2017 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

*Sponsored post*

The need to have a bigger car is in demand due to our expanding family. A car that would accommodate everyone inside. Deciding to have a car is a serious decision that each of the family member will discuss. Huge amount of money involve here that is why thorough and careful consideration must be applied. is here to help us decide with our car purchase. These are few things that you might consider as well in buying a perfect car for your family.

What type of car that all of the family agreed to buy. All must have unified decision so that no blaming in the future. This happened when me and my hubby had different decision but ended up with my decision and now there will always a time that he will blame me when trouble arises.

Budget– Each must see in a long term view because again as I said this involve huge amount of money. This is a great accountability to face for years that is why this must be seriously considered because it can create a big problem/chaos in the future. In order to achieve a good price of a car purchase you must to choose a good sales agent or dealer. You can ask about promos and discount also. Don’t depend to one company, make some canvass and compare prices in this way you can have a best price for your car.

There are many tips in buying a perfect car but these two is in my top priorities to consider. How about you guys, what are additional tips that you would like to share?

Certified Blogger

Aug 19, 2017 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

Blogging has become not just a hobby for me but life. I am enjoying everything about blogging and I benifited it so much. From all of the freebies that I received not just a products but also I earned through it. I am not a newbie in blogging but I can say that I am still learning the process from writing and proper story telling. I am not good in english to be honest but blogging is helping me develop my vocabulary through writing. They say you can learn everything if you are doing and practicing it. I am thankful for the community I am in that gives me opportunity for product reviews, sometimes win the contest and gained many friends. I won’t stop writing as long as I have life. Blogging is part of my daily routine. I check everyday, write my story and monitor my earnings that gives me courage to continue my journey as a Blogger.

Just like flowers:)

Jul 12, 2017 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

We cannot expect for maximum functioning of an instruments if we dont properly take care of it. It needs to be kept and watered just like flowers in order to produce flowers and stay longer in our hands. One thing that makes the guitar in good tune is by having a proper guitar humidifier. Guitar should not be dry in order to have a good music sounds produce. Just like other things, we should take care everything we love in order for them to stay longer in our lives.


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