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Netherlands Visa Requirements

Sep 19, 2007 Author: admin | Filed under: Uncategorized

So I guess my amended married name in my passport didn’t suffice, they have to have our married license to see my married name. It was just not in their list of requirements. Darn! This Netherlands Visa application is hassling us. I wish I could point it word by word in my papers that hubby’s company is responsible for me financially. Can’t they understand? Hubby’s company is flying all the rig managers and higher positions and their wives all for free! But it is okay, though we have been exchanging communications back and forth to make them understand; at least, it is already being processed.

Netherlands Visa on-process

Sep 14, 2007 Author: admin | Filed under: Uncategorized

Finally, Miami office of the Netherlands Consulate said my papers were okay. We had had several email exchanges with the New Orleans sub-office because of the health insurance thing. Hubby’s company is international with employees from all over the world, so I am also covered when I travel outside of the USA. Somehow they had hard time understanding out-of network plans of the company that the benefits department was involved already in making the New Orleans office understand. Miami said its OK, so now we are ready to receive my passport back which we Fedex’d early this week, with Netherlands visa already. Hubby was taking care of it, making sure everything would be dealt and settled with so we can have my visa to the mid-October trip. So excited!

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