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Me and my baby time

May 26, 2016 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

I am already half to my maternity leave and soon I’ll be resuming to work. One thing that caused me to worry is that, I cannot continue breastfeeding anymore with my baby. Its so hard for me to manually express milk in my workplace and my work needs focus, its impossible for me to do it. I experience milk leaking on my clothes and I dont want it to happen on my workplace. I really wanted to purely breastfeed my baby like on my ist baby but due to need to work I need to sacrifice by shifting her to bottlefeed. By the moment I am already thinking who will take incharge to care for my baby, hubby is willing but I really dont have trust on him because he is so busy and I cant assure for the cleanliness in handling the baby. I hope everything will be prepared before my materlity leave will end. Help me God.

It’s like a wheel

Sep 20, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Personal, Uncategorized

We are not perfect and we are not superman, though we are strong and mature, there are still time that we are weak, our mind are strong and we plan so many things and actually wanted to do but we can’t deny the fact that still our humanly nature are working on and sometimes thinking to quit. But this normal, as what it says, our lives are just like a wheel, sometimes it goes up, and sometimes it goes down.

Love your work!

Jun 20, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

I should not take it very seriously, I will just think the hardship I went through when I applied the job! It was not easy! However, thanks to ORB for an overview how to make a good resume.  For more info about ORB check out Online Resume Builders. It was just an inspiring words to us to be reminded with our functions.

I was assigned as a Station in charged and it is not easy because I take all the responsibilities of the entire problem in my station. We encountered lots of problems since we are the last station who will check the papers before submitting and we see lots of discrepancies and other lacking documents needed. But I should say that I love my job and I believed in the saying that says if you love your job everything will go smoothly and light. Yes its true, even though I feel pressure for some time, still I am doing my job heartily. Loving your job is the key to kick the stresses away!

Shop now at iprice!

Apr 15, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

Shopping online? sounds good right? Yes it is because its very easy and the thought of you’ll have more savings than in malls and supermarkets. Let me enumerate first the advantages of shopping online than in a mall. First, online shopping provides you ample time to decide and choose what items you want to buy, you are not pressured with time. Second, everyone loves discount and saving, right? online shopping is your mode of choice. Third, if your a busy worker and don’t want to waste time spending it in a mall, go for online shopping! No more sweat and effortless way of buying stuffs for yourself and loved ones.

And good news, is here to give us a wonderful and fantastic shopping experience! They definitely offers almost everything we want and needed especially for women, a lot of for men also. If you haven’t tried yet now is the time to shop at iprice and be amazed with their hot deals and discounts, they also giving coupon codes for you to buy at Zalora and Lazada fashion. No other sites is offering with these kind of discounts everyday! Open their website now, click a category, find what you need, chose from a lots of displayed product and made the payment of course and then items will be delivered to you! How exciting that, right? Don’t miss this opportunity to grab discounts and more saving because we deserved it. Create you shopping experience now at iprice, a very convenient way of shopping!

Dry, scaly skin

Mar 13, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

Skin problem is one of the problems ladies are facing now. Like mine, I have a very dry, scaly skin on my lower extremities, even how I tried to rub it to take out the skin, it worsen day by day. I tried to apply lots of lotion on it wishing to end up my problem but still it didn’t work on me. This made my confidence low and hide it like wearing long dresses. Until one day I tried nivea creme here which actually lessen my problem, lessen the scaly and I am happy because from all of the lotions I tried, this is the only one whom my skin liked and made a little improvement. I applied it regularly in hoping to end this long time problem of mine.

Rest day

Mar 13, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

Thanks God its my day off today, a time to rest and relax after a very tiring and exhausting day yesterday at work. Lots of people discharged yesterday, twas doubled from our normal expected daily discharges. I was the one coding for the amount and tag it to the computer, plus I have my own assignment to do. I was only doing the work of my colleagues who had his day off and the other had her vacation so I was the one doing their work. I am also thankful because my supervisor helped me because I cannot do it alone. Still have lots of pending work awaits me when I’ll resume to work tomorrow. Above all I am so much thankful to God for renewing my strength everyday.

A message of Salvation

Dec 26, 2014 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

One thing I love about Christmas is that I can always receive a gift, aside from material gift the most precious gift of all is Jesus Christ. God sent His only son so we can be saved! He died on the cross your our sins. What we need to do is to receive that gift, believed that He died on the cross for me and for you, confess our sins and let Him live in your heart and let Him be the driver of your life. If you do this, a simple sincere prayer, the angels in heaven singing praises coz you now have eternal life with God and when you died you can be sure that you can live in heaven forever. Receive Him now before it’s too late.

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