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Traditional paella

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paella and pansDo you like to eat paella? It is yummy. Paella is a traditional rice dish of the Valencia region of Spain, with ingredients consisting rice, saffron, paprika, olive oil and garnished with available fresh meat such as chicken, pork, shrimp, mussels, scallops, and crab or fresh vegetables. Traditional paella is cooked so that it has a crispy, caramelized, toasted bottom. Paella is made so the rice should be cooked low to the surface of the pan in order to make the best quality paella. The flavors are at the bottom of the pan and that’s why the sizes vary larger in diameter than in height. All of Mysoncorp’s paella pans are authentic and made in the Iberian Peninsula of where else but from the home of paella itself, Spain and Portugal.

Video captions and subtitling

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video subtitling and captioningYou see I have a YouTube video in the previous post with subtitles. You have to watch it to guess what language is used. Subtitling and video captioning are an extra bonus to viewers and an easy job for video makers who need quality subtitling for now Video Caption Corporation offers the highest quality subtitling services for all types of programming, so you can share your English or Spanish-language programming with audiences around the world!

They provide subtitling for video or DVDs, created using the most sophisticated character generators and broadcast quality VTRs, and are compatible with all major authoring systems, including Apple, Adobe, Panasonic, Spruce, Sonic Systems, Toshiba, and Sony. They also offer professional DVD Authoring services, from basic auto play to complex multi-feature projects, in a fast turnarounds and high quality.

Car angel

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Hey guys, can you still remember the nursery rhymes and children’s songs, musicals and stories you once loved before when the days were young? Ha. For me I can still remember some short choruses. Lucky were we there were adults who cared to give and teach us. Now is our chance to give back for the children of today, through Car Angel. Car angel is a non-profit company that uses car donation and other gifts to make videos for kids and teens. By far they have given away over 2.4 videos. Isn’t it very inspiring, I mean the materials they produce from the money raised are wholesome, critical for the new generation. If you are wanting to dispose your used cars and things you are not using, they are open, for the children’s sake. Here is one of he videos. Take time to be entertained. 🙂


I am a top earner

January 9, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: humor and inspirational, Personal
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I was chatting with my sister today, and she said that one of my aunts said that “I am top earner on the internet!” Lol! Such an exaggeration! 😀 How I wish! And she also said that another relative told everyone about it! Ohmy! It is funny, magdilang anghel sana sila. I know po na this is just temporary for me while I’m not going to the university yet. Even when I will not blog that time, I will still do journals, so I guess it is okay with hubby 😉 .

Laziness museum

January 6, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: arts and culture
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lazinessHey guys, if Amsterdam has Marijuana Museum, so has Bogota, Columbia Laziness Museum, to get people during the holiday season to think about laziness and its opposite, extreme work, and perhaps reach some balanced conclusion. Featured are sofas placed in front of televisions, hammocks or beds – anything associated with the avoidance of work. Visitors will have to shed their laziness long enough to get into the museum soon, for it closes in a week. For those overwhelmed by the traffic, the fumes, the fast pace of life or the pressures of work, the museum, sponsored by the city government is much visited, and could be ideal :-).

The most searched words in China

January 6, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: arts and culture, business and economy
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Shanghai shares had risen 97 percent last year, and we had seen them emerged into economic power, so it is just not surprising that the four of the most Googled words in China in 2007 pertains to money and technology. In most countries “sex” ranks first in the most Googled word, but in China it is far down below the honors, for it is beaten by a parade of financial and technological giants:

  • “QQ”, a Chinese instant message service and a brand of car, ranked first;
  • China Merchants Bank, second;
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the third;
  • and the word “stock” make it to the fourth of the most searched item.

But it is interesting though that while “qiu zhi,” or “seeking knowledge,” “what is a blue chip” and “how to invest in the stock market” were the most searched inquiry on Google in China, the most search questions on the global list are “what is love” and “how to kiss”.

Hubby is a frequent traveler, and every time he travels, of course there is that extra concern for his and the whole aircraft’s boarders’ safety. But it seems we will have less worries soon, for up to three American Airlines jets will be outfitted this spring with laser technology being developed to protect planes from missiles fired by terrorists. The anti-missile technology was developed for military planes, and U.K.-based BAE Systems PLC said Friday it won a $29 million contract from the Department of Homeland Security to test it on passenger planes, but not on regular flights. The technology is intended to stop a missile attack by detecting heat from the rocket, then responding in a fraction of a second by firing a laser beam that jams the missile’s guidance system.

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