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I Had to Call USCIS!

July 25, 2007 Author: admin | Filed under: immigration
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le 25 julliet 2007

This time we were impatient already, it had been more than six months and my application to adjust status has not been approved yet, much less, we didn’t hear any from them. Hubby was at work and I called the USCIS costumer service number to inquire about my case. We had been looking at the processing time in California service center and my case is long past the schedule already, or, are they just so behind with other older applications? I talked to a guy representative, he was helpful, saying he would send a letter to California for me, but alas, his PC just stopped working he had to forward me to another line. If I didn’t tell the woman then that the guy told me he would send a note to CA she would have not done it! I was glad I initiated it. So she said she had forward the message to the service center and I will just wait for 30-60 days for their reply in the mail. Though it was bleaky, and surely seemed to take another months, still glad something was done. We target middle of October, and we got just barely three months.

My travels in time

July 1, 2007 Author: admin | Filed under: Travels
Tags: My first sub-domain, just making use of the privileges from the swamp package of the web host I used. This is a travelogue of a blogger, in words and photography around the world. Follow me as we travel and journey through life, daily in our walks and reflections.

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