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Going back to the Philippines

September 12, 2007 Author: admin | Filed under: Travels
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This time we are purchasing my domestic e-tickets back and forth online from Cebu Pacific. Hubby used to buy it online from them but this time they wont allow visa card transactions from the USA. No other payment options. So hubby tried to call long trans-pacific but he could not reach them. Maybe some temporary problems they’re having; but if the USA is not served, how much more the other countries? We are not yet worried of it this time. We are just glad that I can used the free tickets we have for me that will be one year old this month. No postponement already. But now I’m kind of “can’t believe I’m finally going back”. But I know it’s normal.

Batch File Uploads

September 10, 2007 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Computers
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After I set up my wordpress account on my web host of course I would have to upload wp files in the directory. Everything was new to me but it turned out bit easy for now. I uploaded files one by one and after doing it for few minutes, I got a bit impatient to do it manually, surely there is something that makes it automatic, at least. Less errors, time and effort. Then I found that an easier way to upload files to your webhost is to use an FTP client thing, finally met it face to face after hearing about it. FileZilla, is an open-source FTP-client and FTP-server developed for the Windows operating system by Tim Kosse (Germany) et al. It comes in both a Javascript and non-Javascript version. FileZilla may be used to manage your WordPress site by uploading and downloading files and images  to manage your WordPress powered blog hosted on the server;  is a free client that’s supposed to be really easy to use, the one I am utilizing now. It was so much easier and faster to transfer batch files. FTP clients really make uploading easier than working manually with the web based upload.

Welcome Letters

September 10, 2007 Author: admin | Filed under: immigration
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le 10 septembre 2007

I get the mail and oh my, what’s the business with United States Immigration and Citizenship Services? I got seven, 7, mails from them! When we opened the envelops, all the same content. So they welcome me to the USA 7 times, all in the same postmarked day, same letter and dates. And the letters were few days late since I got my green card already. Oh well.

But one thing, in one of the letters it says there that since the date they received my request, when I called them few times, they have approved my case September 1st. There was the catch. If I had not called them about my case, maybe we are still waiting for my green card till now. So I guess, every applicant must call them and follow up the earlier the better, it won’t hurt. Though we had not done it that early, still thankful. I just sent some sms to my sisters about it. Good news for us.

In WordPress..

September 7, 2007 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: wordpress

We purchased a swamp plan in Hostgator for my web host. So far, I am contented with it, it’s superb, I really like it, this time. I am definitely new to this domain names and management and I just followed or do what I thought was right. I used Fantastico to install WordPress automatically few days ago, and this morning I got an email that I have to upgrade my installation to version 2.2.2, great. It was 2.2 when I installed it, and I see that there is new one coming, wordpress in beta. Guess will be so much better. Beginning to love it now.

I’m a US Resident Now

September 7, 2007 Author: admin | Filed under: immigration
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le 7 septembre 2007

Finally, after many months of waiting for any news and result of the I-485, Application for Permanent Residency or to adjust Status, I received my Green Card this day. We submitted the papers to the lawyer late October, service center received it early November, I was approved Early September. Apparently, it took them to finish my papers 10 months.

Gray beach view

September 5, 2007 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: India, Photography, Travels
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It was all gray. The weather was quiet peaceful despite the graying clouds. I love this shot through the hotel window. It was nice to see the part of sun’s light focusing on the part of the beach and the sea. Isn’t it romantic affairs of the elements?

Frontier info the day:

in total, there are 1,652 languages and dialects spoken in India.

People on the beach

August 28, 2007 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: India, Photography, Travels
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The blurry and grayish shot like the weather of the beach below the hotel through the window. This was just a fraction of the people that would eventually pack the beach’s brown sand enjoying life, and me enjoying watching them when I had nothing else to do. After all, I was there on vacation, and as a tourist to learn about them.

Frontier trivia the day:

80.5% of Indians are Hindus, with 13.4% of the population Muslim, making India home to the third-largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia and Pakistan.