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Advance merry Christmas to all! It’s 3 days more to go before Christmas and I haven’t wrap any gift yet! Haha! Everyone is getting very busy with Christmas parties and gatherings! This is the time that food invites are left and right! Huhu! Definitely not the right time to have a diet! We should be very cautious with our health this time especially when we have history of high blood pressure! Just a reminder!

One thing that makes Christmas more exciting is the echanging of gifts! In the office we are used to write down our wish and our angel will buy it for us! Eventhough we already know whats inside the gift but still very excited! Do you know what I wrote in our wishlist? Its a  5 disc dvd player! Since we don’t have one at home! We will have a late Christmas party it would be on the 29th in a Hawian costume! It will be a great and enjoy night for all of us collegue!

Save more in Goupon Coupon

December 14, 2016 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

Disclosure; This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.)

I’m sure everyone is already busy with the coming holidays! Some are buying food for nutche buena and some are shopping gifts for love ones and friends, these kinda tired and stressful especially if you are working. However, we should not forget the reason why we celebrate Christmas and the true meaning of it. The love that God first showed his love to us by giving His only son Jesus Christ! We should celebrate because He is risen!

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Computer and printing needs? Go to HP and chose what you like! Groupon is helping us what to buy these coming holidays! They simply are giving us an excellent shopping experience! Feel the perks of shopping online! It is always beneficial and hassle free just makes sure you are landing on a legit and trusted site like groupon coupon! Enjoy shopping!

Guitar mentor

December 6, 2016 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: musical instruments and gadgets
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As a guitar mentor many are asking for what should be the best guitar? That depends on our skills, each guitar have their own design and features for their specific purpose. For example, lead guitar is different from rhythm and acoustic, meaning we have to seek and determine first what we would like to play but in terms of product quality that depends with the brand. For me I prefer to recommend nuno bettencourt.

When we say you are forgiven, what does it mean?

December 6, 2016 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

To forgive means

F-Stands for = forget everything of what had happened in the past

O-means= overcome everything the circumstance you experienced and encountered right now

R means= review and evaluate the degree of circumstances

G means= go on forward, do not allow the circumstances affects your everyday life

I means= invite, meaning you have to secure and asks some advice from the experts

V means to be vocal in all things, don’t hide anything and pursue the truth.

E means = internalize the truth, if you are wrong then you must asks for forgiveness, if right then fight for the truth and cut the END of the story.

Lighting up the tree of unity

December 5, 2016 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

Today, after our shift everybody was enjoying and witnessed the  Giant Christmas tree Warehouse Lighting ceremony of our hospital first and big christmas tree. They call it the tree of unity and teamwork! It maybe not the Christmas tree that everybody was expecting but the most important is the effort and and the spirit it may give to all not just for the employees but for the patients and watchers as well. After the said ceremony there was a gift giving to the hospital wards and the watchers area too. May the true meaning of Christmas will be encalcated into our hearts. The spirit of love by giving and sharing what we have to others.

Perks of being a working Mom

November 15, 2016 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

This is a sponsored post. All opinions in this post are 100% mine.

Being a working mom like me is sometimes very hard however I never use this as an alibi that I cannot function well as a mother of two cute Lil girls. I am doing the same routine everyday and I am used to it. When I wake up in the morning, I also wake up my student so I can bathe her with me. Its so hard to wake her up and that’s gives me stress. While we are in the shower hubby also prepare our breakfast so when we are up we then take our breakfast together while hubby attend to our 6months old baby! After we have eaten our breakfast, I’ll iron my student uniform and my office uniform too! After dressing up my student, I will now bathe my baby while daddy is preparing her school bag! Well, this is what’s happening in our house everyday! We are doing the same thing everyday! We are in hurry so that we wont be late in a class and in my work! being a mother is the hardest job on earth yet very fulfilling and rewarding!

Though I am doing the same thing everyday I never get tired and I am enjoying it. There were just time when I will git exhausted with work that hinder me to have more time for my kids. When I get home from work, I will hit the bed and rest! I’m glad hubby is always there to look after our kids.

I want to give my kids a good future, as young as they are i already teach them how to save money by doing so they can have a bigger savings intended to buy their most favorite shoes and dresses! I just learned about Groupon Good! a very good site to shop online! I am always tempted to buy babies stuff for my kiddos! They have a lot  of product to chose from, like toys, clothing and in between! I will surely recommend this site! A big big savings is sure when you shop at groupon! Enjoy their big big deals and discounts.

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A good city program

November 10, 2016 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

I am so thankful for our city Mayor for having a program that aims to enhance and improves the talent of a young individuals in the city by giving a workshops and trainings for free, you only provide your own instrument! They offer variety of instruments workshops like guitar, keyboard, trumpet, brasswind woodwind, violin which my daughter is now taking and a lot more! It’s a very good project of the government which focuses on young individuals! Instead they might be into drugs and other vices they will divert them into music which is a very good strategy! I salute to the author of this project which my daughter is availing now! After the violin I have also plan to enroll her to keyboard and so forth! Thank God for these opportunity and chance to learn without paying anything!

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