Do you want to add some personal touches to your blogs, posts, emails, and other digital contents? By means of a “signature” you can spice up your entries online. There are many available online signature makers, some free, others not. Just for fun I use personal online signature maker. There is a signature wizard which guides you through making your own signature by choosing pre-designed styles to your own liking. You can also make a signature from your own signature image and season it from there. Once complete, you either download the image result, or download the HTML and or BB code which you can attach to your emails and blogs or other web pages. Below are two samples of the generated signatures.

In blogger, you can upload the image and save the image code in your post template, or you can directly paste the generated HTML code of the signature in the html mode of your post template, so every time you make a post, the signature code is already there you only have to position it where you want it to be in each post.

In wordpress though, there is a plugin for use with adding your signature to each post or page, the add signature plugin. In the settings option in your dashboard, you can make how the plugin works. There are three default signatures code templates which can be inserted to your posts by the trigger texts. From there you can paste or replace one of the codes with your generated signature or whatever words yo want displayed.