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Flying to Chicago

Dec 9, 2010 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Photography, USA

Skywatch Friday:

My Skywatch Friday photo is taken from the ‘sky’, of the ever-changing beauty that was endless, aboard an airplane bound to Chicago. It was a good flight though it was so cloudy at that time.

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Millenium Park

Dec 3, 2010 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Photography, Travels, USA

millineum-park-chicago A view at the Millennium Park right across from the Philippines Consulate in Chicago. This was right before noon one winter in the windy city. I just visited the city for two days and I had pretty much seen points of interests that I need to see, huh, the forever structure fanatic of me. Do you know the name of the buildings on the background?

Jay Pritzker Pavilion Bandshell

Nov 30, 2010 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Photography, Travels, USA

millineum-park-bandshellAt the Millennium Park, a view of the trellis over the Great Lawn, and the beautifully-designed bandshell at Jay Pritzker Pavilion with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Tower on the backdrop. The Pavilion has been the venue since 2004 of the great Grant Park Music Festival, a Chicago tradition since the Great Depression. Speaking of entertainment to lift depressing spirits! In the practical part of life, our simple act of kindness and understanding might just what other people need to make their day. I really enjoyed the experience.

Skydeck ledge

Nov 24, 2010 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Photography, Travels, USA

skydeck ledge A view taken from the ledge of the skydeck of Willis (Sears) Tower in the windy city of Chicago. Grrrr.. When I think of it my feet still feel like shaking, whoaahah.. It was an amazing and definitely unforgettable experience for me, to roam around the city in the dead of winter and making it to the top of the one of the tallest buildings here.

In Chicago

Jul 5, 2010 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Personal, Photography, Travels

IMG_5005 I flew to Chicago, Illinois last January to have my expiring Philippine passport renewed at the Consulate. The process did not take me long because I have prepared already the necessary documents, after all, it would not be wise and easy to fly back or roam around the city for one paper. I enjoyed, despite the bitter cold, walking around and seeing lots of things. It was one unforgettable trip. I was so slow though. It would be months later before I found out something happened or was done while I was in Chicago. But I hope in the Lord, and what He has prepared for me.


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