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Guitar mentor

Dec 6, 2016 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: musical instruments and gadgets

As a guitar mentor many are asking for what should be the best guitar? That depends on our skills, each guitar have their own design and features for their specific purpose. For example, lead guitar is different from rhythm and acoustic, meaning we have to seek and determine first what we would like to play but in terms of product quality that depends with the brand. For me I prefer to recommend nuno bettencourt.

Great and awesome

Jan 21, 2016 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: musical instruments and gadgets

I just bought a brand new 42 inches LG HDTV and it was really great and awesome, the pictures are so nice to look as if it seems you are there at the venue of the action. A few days later I was disgusted and unhappy with my brand new TV because the reception was not good, so I tried to check and found out that the rca cable at the back was destroyed and was cut might be of a little mice. I check online for the availability and many are there, also I found out that this kind of stuff can be used for musical instruments and any gadgets.

I will make sure

Dec 7, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: music, musical instruments and gadgets

As a lead guitarist of the team, I should make sure that the strings I used while on stage are good with quality; I know other guitarist does the same. Here is the guide for buying strings of the guitar, I’m sure won’t be disappointed with the quality they have for your guitar. I remember the time when we were in Davao on our concert, while on stage and at the peak of our presentation the number two of my string were broken, it was really cut and I was embarrassed in front of many audiences because they might notice that I was lost far behind the melody of my group. From that time I said to myself, it shouldn’t happen again. I should have a good quality of string guitar every time he hanged up.

The musicians

Sep 20, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: musical instruments and gadgets

I noticed some gifted musicians are very easy for them to fix the tune of their guitars. They were blessed through hearing, but others are not, some musicians have difficulties in fixing the string sounds, they need gadgets like guitar tuner online mic just to get the best tune of their guitar. For sure two kinds of musicians i noticed, one is a gifted musician that are also very good hearers and other one is a hardworking musicians, though they are not hearers but they perform well because of hard practice.

Like him

Jul 16, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: musical instruments and gadgets

I considered my brother as a talented person, not just because he is a musician and can play a lot of instruments but also of his knowledge about the combination and the use of different kinds of gadget in music, he is best in digital recordings, he even have an irig for his guitars and he can sing well. Such talent considered as a gift from God and seldom in this world to find like him. I’m so proud of you bro.

This is my life

Oct 15, 2014 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: friendship

A saying that says, same feather flock together. There is a point behind this statement for it tells us if what you are, what like most and what you do always, the same people you met and be together. I like music, this is my life and I have many musician friends, we used to hanged up together and playing musical instruments, practicing and developing new songs are our hobby. These help us fulfill our life and make us happy.

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