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Capt. Andy’s Boat Tours in Na Pali

Mar 19, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: destinations, Featured, holidays, reviews

Na Pali coast adventure

I love nature. I love the beach. Though I am not the best swimmer, the beach always captivates me, maybe because of the freedom and wild feeling it gives those who indulge, and also because of it’s wonderful beauty. Stopping over in Hawaii many times I came to know first hand some facts about its great tourism spots. One place I want to explore some day is the Na Pali Coast along the Hawaiian shores. It is the best for nature trek and beach adventures. Na Pali coast is a national state park that can be accessed by hiking, by chopper or by boating. Kauai boat tours by the Yacht Club O‘ahu Channel sailing race winner Capt. Andy and his crew will sail us along the state park, the nature reserve, and to see geologic formations, volcanoes, and other natural features. They are always breathtakingly beautiful. You will not just witness the wonder of the works of nature which are diverse in this place, but always view wildlife and even Kauai whale watching. Isn’t that a one of a kind experience? All of nature wild and free, the amazing cliffs, exceptional landscapes is always stress relieving, the place so lush and tropical. Some called it a must-see place; yeah we can call it paradise on its own. Sailing adventures or the daring raft expeditions, you can have it all with an online comprehensive coast guide to Na Pali.

Going back to the USA

Feb 6, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: hotels / flights, Personal, Travels

It would be a very long and exhausting days of traveling. But I am happy at least I am going back to hubby, though sad for leaving my family. My flight from Davao to Manila was good except that it was so early relative to my next flight to Guam. But it was okay to have layover for eight hours for I saved some with that and just spend some time in the airport. The advantage of being a Green Card holder is that a Filipino does not have to pay over a thousand peso travel tax, for if otherwise, I would have to change some currency to pay. I was so glad I was free. I was anxious a bit with security, because you see, I was bringing food items with me, boiled eggs, sandwich and spaghetti, that my sister and mother send with me so I could munch while waiting for departure. I was hailed and set aside for special inspection once in the three security level in Ninoy Aquino International airport in Manila. They have to tighten more, maybe because just recently an advisory was flagged against Philippine airlines’ safety. The food saved me though, but they were plenty that I still have them back to our house in the USA. Hubby checked me in through the internet and the elite airline access really helped me because of the baggage I was carrying.

Philippines to USA

Hafa Adai! Glad we made it safe to Guam. I enjoyed the experience when I went down to a wrong place, I was the first to go through immgration inspection and so I went out first. When I made it back, I was glad that security tolerated what I brought with me. Of course they were okay. It was a good trip, we just stopped there for few hours until Hawaii.

Aloha! The time we landed Hawii we have to pick our baggages up and check it through again with security and immigration. I will not lie, I had to declare what I was bringing with me so I was put into agricultural check. The thing with bringing my baggages was that, their heavier than me. It is really nice to have good people who care to assist. I made it through okay. Food is alright as long as there are no fresh meat, fruits, and other products. I was saved the eggs I carried in my bag were cooked.

Welcome to Houston. That time it felt so long a flight, and it really was, and I was hurrying up to catch an earlier flight to Alexandria, Louisiana. I did not make it in the 20 minute layover so I have to wait my own scheduled departure which was eight hours away! That was killing me! I was so sleepy during the time, poor me, I was so tired. Thank God my flight to Alexandria was on-time. I am back to the USA!

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