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Leading hotels in the world

Dec 2, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: India, Photography, Travels

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Built in 1903, a 105-year old heritage building containing 565 rooms including 46 suites, and is considered one of the “Leading hotels in the world”. The hotel incorporates a taste of style and collection of priceless paintings and works of art in the era it covers. This was during our first tour in Mumbai in 2006.

Vacation package to Tahiti

Sep 8, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: destinations, reviews

Our second wedding anniversary is getting closer now; and we are set for a vacation. Where do you think is the best place to go? We want somewhere romantic, of course, and since it will be on our wedding anniversary, I want it so special, to be in a paradise. Do you know that there is a place called the Island of Love? That is where the romance and honeymoon happen, not just with our special someone but with nature too. It is Tahiti, in the famous Bora Bora and other exquisite islands of French Polynesia.

Tahiti tourismI have been looking for information about the easy way to Tahiti for a Bora Bora holidays and vacation in the islands. I know that in organizing vacations like this, it is always better to deal with local agents from the place. They can always provide support and accommodate our concerns because they have the local knowledge advantage and the best vacation deals. Bora Bora is a major tourism place in Tahiti and staying in Bora Bora hotel just in front of the beautiful lagoons and beaches cannot be more inviting for relaxation Tahiti beach and accommodation. We have flown with different airlines but now we can fly to the island paradise by Air Tahiti for cheap fares. Everything is exotic. The pristine white sand beaches, ecology, geological diversity and colorful history of Bora Bora and the whole island group of Tahiti are an attraction in themselves, and especially their black pearl farming. It will make a perfect wedding anniversary gift.

surfing in Tahiti Tahiti is the largest island in the Windward group of French Polynesia, located in the archipelago of Society Islands in the southern Pacific Ocean. At 17° 32 S and 149° 34 W, Tahiti situated half way between California (6,200 km) and Australia (5,700 km).

Tahiti map

In Vegas hotel

May 7, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: hotels / flights, reviews

Are you looking for a place to get away to have a great time and excitement? Come to the finest las vegas hotels. It is the best place to be at excellent rates all in one place. You can get pleasure from all the facilities you could possibly ask for. They offer stimulating entertainment, comfortable rooms, incredible gaming and great food, and at the same time relax in a place where the atmosphere is homey.

Juhu Beach Hotels

Feb 19, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: hotels / flights, India, Photography, Travels

Mumbai hotels

This was the hotel we stayed in Mumbai in 2006. Situated on Juhu beach, this was taken one afternoon along the shore where thousands of Indian passed their time. A silhouette of the hotel gave obscure view of the building painting.

Juhu beach, an indispensable part of the city of Mumbai, is one of the largest and frequently visited beaches in India on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Not exactly an ideal place for a quiet swim and a sunbath, the beach has a charm of its own, attracting legions of Mumbaikars every day.

juhu beach view from the hotel

How to get there:
Juhu is 20-25km north of the city centre; by air, it is not far from Mumbai airport, and which is also well connected by rail and roads, 15 Kms From Dadar Bus Stand.

For accomodations along the Juhu Beach, check here.

Investment property

Jan 18, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: business/finance, reviews

My next project would be about a good personal investment. It is not bad, since we are supposed to be good stewards and managers. Guys, if you are looking for the ultimate portal for buying the most exquisite vacation properties, selling your property fast, easily, and affordably, or renting your investment property, Condo Hotels Marketplace is acclaimed to be the smartest way to directly link buyers with sellers, and renters with owners with an easy to use interface, countless resources, and an expert staff on hand. Expect all of the carefree amenities associated with a luxurious hotel.

Another tour around Mumbai

Nov 17, 2007 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: India, Photography, Travels

In the hotel lounge while waiting for Paul to pick me up for another day of tour. Paul was one of hubby’s partners driver there whom he offered us for chauffer services for free, a very nice courtesy.

Frontier trivia of the day:

India is the world’s largest producer of licit opium for the pharmaceutical trade

Hotel silhouette

Nov 17, 2007 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: India, Photography, Travels

A shot of the hotel. I liked how it came out, seeing the beautiful huge clouds and well, the sun, creating a little silhouette of the building. Some of the wall dirt were still clear, but I believed they had taken care of that long after we were gone, I hope so.

Frontier trivia of the day:

Joint Border Committee with Nepal continues to examine contested boundary sections, including the 400 square kilometer dispute over the source of the Kalapani River; India maintains a strict border regime to keep out Maoist insurgents and control illegal cross-border activities from Nepal

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