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The journey of life

Feb 16, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Christianity

The journey of our life never ends only until death physically but another journey of life awaits us after it. This is the time that we will be spending for eternity. A few days ago the husband of our co-member of the church passed away. Many of her families and relative ask me about the realities of life, and that was the time I talked them about life after death that we need to be prepared for we will be spending for eternity, the places awaited us according to the scripture are heaven or the  lake of fire. Faith in God and receiving Him as our personal savior by believing Him that He died at the cross for you and for me is very important. And it is not too late for you and me, have come for a decision.

Water spring in life

Sep 19, 2013 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

A worker at the mountain spring was questioned about his being relax and easy job at the mountain, people around thought that his work is not worthy compared to his salary. One day the envious persons summoned him and told not to continue his work. But the worker was still living at the mountain but never perform his job because he needs to cultivate his farm for his daily needs. Time goes by and the days running, people in the city were sick and the mountain climbers didn’t come, only to found out that water source spring at the mountain were not clean and contaminated. People in the city realized the importance of worker that maintains the water spring.
Lesson learns: don’t judge by just seeing what you see, we must dig up the reason behind. Make a value of small things because it might bring big things. Lastly, learn to appreciate someone’s effort, small or big.

Term life insurance quotes online

Mar 28, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Health, reviews

It is just easy to get term life insurance quote online. There are so many available out there but to see which is best company for you, get quoetes, rates and compare term life insurance policies then you will see which one is best suited for your circumstances. It is wholesale insurance on the net: affordable, low cost or cheap life insurances from all companies for you to access in one stop.

Whole life insured

Feb 27, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: business/finance, reviews

There was mail yesterday from the bank offering insurance privilege and discount. Hubby said he does not need it anymore for he has whole life insurance already from his company. This insurance from one dollar globe also takes care for whole life coverage for children as for adults in its billions of insurance in force, with benefits that don’t cancel and reduce over time.

When life is gray

Sep 18, 2007 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: India, Photography, Travels

When life is boring and gray, there is a place where we can focus and see the beauty and fun around it. This is how I see this picture. It is so divine for me. What can you say about this?

Frontier info the day:

CIA estimated the total population of India at mid-July 2008 to be 1,147.966 million. That is billions!

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