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Flying to Chicago

Dec 9, 2010 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Photography, USA

Skywatch Friday:

My Skywatch Friday photo is taken from the ‘sky’, of the ever-changing beauty that was endless, aboard an airplane bound to Chicago. It was a good flight though it was so cloudy at that time.

(To view images from Skywatch Friday please click here)

“T” for Taj Mahal

Dec 1, 2010 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: India, Photography, Travels

Taj Mahal The Taj Mahal, monument of love. It is a very impressive work of art with a grand story behind it. We entered the compound’ at 8:30 in the cold morning, and we were out by about 10:30 A.M. And I realized, ‘what’s the hurry?, the “moon is full”! which also makes a very nice view at night by the way 😀

ABC Wednesday – T

The letters in your 1st name

Nov 10, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: humor and inspirational

Who thought the days of tagging were long gone. Here we are, and since I have a chance. This one is from Gagay. Your name, my name. In some mysterious ways, names can say something about the person, especially in the old days. So for the sake of fun, here are what the letters of my first name say:

Awesome kisser. Best kisser ever. I am loyal to the ones I love. People ‘love?’ me. I am freaking crazy.
For short: Lotis is the best kisser ever that makes the person she loves crazy.

Cheering each other up

Mar 7, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: Personal

cheer me up awardThe other day I got this award from my new online friend Napaboaniya. I really appreciate it. We are all in the circle and its good to see we are cheering each other up through comments.

Now I also want to say “You cheer me up!” to Lutchi and photographyperdiem.

Typing speed test

Feb 27, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Computers

Touch Typing: is the fastest way to type in which the typist does not use the sense of sight, or does not look at the keyboard, but rather use the finger muscle memory.

In the present technology, with its endless possibilities, do you think we still need the keyboard for some years? Who knows what once-unthinkable things science brings. While that does not yet happen, “it is worth the time you invest in learning this essential skill” of speed typing to easily achieve an ideal writing speed of 70 words per minute.

Some of the suggested ways of improving typing speeds in touch typing are:

– Ensuring a correct posture
– Exerting only the correct amount of force required ie. not to bang on the keys
– Taking frequent breaks to relax and improve accuracy
– Using an optimized keyboard layout such as Dvorak or Colemak.

I am 25 words off the ideal. My fingers are not as dextrous 🙁 when it comes to typing as Francine. Passing this to Debbie.

45 words


Cool cat friendship meme

Feb 21, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: tidbits


“Friends, you and me… you brought another friend… and then there were three… we started our group… our circle of friends… and like that circle… there is no beginning or end.” Eleanor Roosevelt quotes.So now, let’s see how many circles of friends we can make by simply adding your link on this Friendship Meme!

1.Catsy Carpe Diem 2-Catsy Downloads 3-Out of the Blue 4-A Day to Savor and Relish 5-A Piece of Idea 6-Write Shy 7-Stupid Wise 8- 9- 10-Pinay Mommy Online 11-Momhood Moments 12-My Life 13-Jean’s My So-called Life 14-Alpha’s Blog 15-Because Life Is Fun 16-Bits and Pieces 17-Whats up Caryl 18-Simply Me 19-A Mothers Horizon 20-BLOGSILOG 21-Cherry’s Comfort Zone 22-DigiScrapz:Captured Memories 23-Wishing and Hoping 24-Thinking Out Loud 25-Blessings in Life 26-NiervaDotCom 27-Davao Food Trip 28-Charles Terrence 29-Tere’s World 30-Journey in Life 31- Denz Techtronics 32-Denz Recreational 33-endless frontier 34- posh lifestyle 35- and the legend lives 36- butterfly chewables 37- You’re next here!

Got this tag from Denz. Circle of friends meme. Passing this to Avee, Cjay and debbieanddana.

Yen has also been so nice giving me this award. Thank you gwaps.
cool cat award

Big bang record

Feb 12, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: Uncategorized

big bangFor my friends in the blogroll who want to join the big bang record,

Thank you for visiting!

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