There are a lot of things which we do not expect but it’s really happening in us. Yes, accepting it can be very hard and painful. Things that you didnt imagine that you will also experience. I have encountered a lot of cancer patients/client in my everyday work as claims representative but never in my mind that my father would be a victim also with this monster cells. I have comforted all of them with encouraging words but when it comes to myself I realized that it so hard to deal with it. I feel so depressed upon knowing that my father has a stage 2 gastric cancer. It seems that our world has shaken. Tears is the only way to express how we feel inside. It’s so hard. After 23days in the hospital my father was discharged already and is now recovering at home. It is so painful to see that he is losing weight but I know he will be ok and regain his strenght soon. We trust God for everything. He already been with us since from the first day until now and He will be with us always in this difficult journey. His words are the only anchor that we hold on. Papa please know that we are with you in this battle and we will do everything we can to bring your energy back. Just keep on holding on to God’s promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us.