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“T” for Taj Mahal

Dec 1, 2010 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: India, Photography, Travels

Taj Mahal The Taj Mahal, monument of love. It is a very impressive work of art with a grand story behind it. We entered the compound’ at 8:30 in the cold morning, and we were out by about 10:30 A.M. And I realized, ‘what’s the hurry?, the “moon is full”! which also makes a very nice view at night by the way :D

ABC Wednesday – T

At the Taj

Sep 30, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: India, Photography, Travels

A photo of us at the Taj Mahal one chilly early morning in December last year. Our tour guide took this photo. It was a wonderful experience. Isn’t it lovely?

Frontier trivia of the day:

There are calligraphies everywhere in the Taj Mahal compounds. As we enter through the gate of the Taj, there is one that says, “O Soul, thou art at rest. Return to the Lord at peace with Him, and He at peace with you.”

Children vendor

Sep 4, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Health, India, Personal, Photography, Travels


This was on our way out from the Taj Mahal. Children selling souvenirs. The girl was selling a pencil. I have had a load of souvenirs that time. It was a great time. It gave me the souvenir of the Taj not just in pictures but in my mind, forever.

Frontier trivia of the day:

Poor children in India begin working at a very young and tender age. Children are often exploited and deprived of their rights in India, and until further measures are taken in the matter of tackling the problem of child labour, many Indian children will continue to live in poverty. (

Up close the Taj Mahal

Jun 17, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: tidbits, Travels

I have not been blogging for few weeks and during my absence in the blogging world, I made some scraps. Just thought of sharing it. Up close the Taj Mahal. There are wall made from carved marble the work is so amazing.

carved marble
For credits see here.

Tour video

Mar 7, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Personal, visa and travels

This is the video of our trip to the Taj Mahal in India during my vacation to the Philippines. Take a closer look at the Taj, and the story behind it.

On the Taj Mahal grounds

Mar 4, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: India, Photography, Travels

Wordless Wednesday: Unveiling her face

A view to the Taj from the main gate. Everything is beautiful, full of optical illusions. A very amazing art and culture; a real wonder of the world.

entering in the Taj Mahal

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Leaving India

Jan 10, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: Personal, Travels

By now I have four days left before I leave for Singapore-Davao. My vacation and travels so far are really worth it. I have seen many beautiful and unforgettable places and people. And what is important is that we enjoyed our time together, hubby and I. I am not yet done though, seeing the Taj Mahal, Baby Taj, and the Agra Fort, and riding a camel and elephant were almost enough. Tomorrow and the next day I will be touring around the city of 20 million people, Mumbai, with hubby’s driver as tour guide also. See you around.

Trip to the Taj Mahal

Jan 4, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: arts and culture, India, Photography, Travels

le 21 d├ęcembre 2007

The advantage of having a tour guide was that, there are many advantages, Ha; he knows the goings and way through the place, so we head off to the Taj Mahal so early in the very cold morning before seven, for him, so that we will avoid the crowd, which he also always said for us to be aware of pickpockets.

west gateThere are entrances leading to the main gate to the Taj. The Southern Gate faces the old Mumtazabad (Modern Taj Ganj). It is meant for pedestrians or the pedlars only. On the right side of the gate is a tomb of red stone which is surrounded by court Yards and crowned with a dome, said to have a grave of one lady companion of Mymtaj Mahal, and due to this reason, the building is called the tomb of a Maid of Honour.

Eastern gate faces towards Fatehabad. There is a domed tomb erected on the elevated platform near this gate, built in the memory of another wife of Shah Jahan called Sirhindi Begum, and so the gate is known as “Sirhi Darwaza”. The main building is eight sided, having twenty four arches, a big hall and a veranda.

west gate

The western gate is the main entrance of the Taj Mahal, facing towards Agra cantonment and Agra city. There is a red sand stone edifice erected on a beautiful terrace outside this gate which is known as Fatehpuri Begum, another wife of Shah Jahan. There we entered through the west gate. There were guards on the entrance, and no matter how they seemed to be very old and outdated, the guns would still prevent troublemakers. Upon buying the tickets, which is 750 rupees each, (now they only accept rupees, dollars are not accepted since it is devaluating) there is a complementary bottled water, great. There are lines for men and women to enter where each one is inspected and all bags opened. Food are not allowed, and if you have one in your bag, it will be confiscated and thrown for the monkeys to catch. There were just so few people there that we made it through easily and fast through the gate and the be in the Fore Court leading to the main gate of the Taj Mahal, where photographers were selling their services. Though we have our cameras, I asked hubby to hire one of those photographers for you know, they are professionals, and just great, along with the album it also comes with the film.


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