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Simply stylish dresses

Dec 7, 2010 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: shopping and recreation, websites

My two girl friends and I had such fun cooking, eating, and then watching movies together in one’s house, filling it with laughter. After lunch we carpooled and went to a shopping center and shopped for women’s dresses, purses, perfumes and other women’s stuff. We just feel it is right for us to enjoy life and take care of ourselves this time, after we are done with other cares and concerns, right? I bought a dress that I really like that day, they also got several clothes that they really love. We got a good deal with the high quality dresses that are simple yet fashionable and stylish, so everybody was happy and comfortable wearing them now. Ah, how wonderful is it to have real good women friends!

Women’s Shoe-store

Jun 1, 2009 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: fashion and beauty

Emilda would love it. I have never seen a store that carries the largest women’s shoes collections. You can find all kinds of shoes for all events, purposes, styles and convenience. Looking for airport-friendly shoes? Yeah we really need one when we travel and go through the airport security procedures. It would help everybody in line. is the site I will buy my shoes because there I can find every style of shoes and sandals I want from the thousands on their stock, from athletic shoes to work boots and shoes.

Women exploitation

Oct 18, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: arts and culture

This is unacceptable for us, for us who exercise equal human rights in our place. Until this day, this culture still exists in other countries, the practice or exploiting of women and children, sexually, by forced labor, hard and underpaid labor which require the physical strength of a man, and all forms of gender discrimination. The word ‘gentleman’ does not exist here, in fact, only the ‘man’ is recognized; this man has lived by the principle that a stick of cigarette is worthy that a woman; or can a smoking cigar carry a hay for him? I would not even start imagining how he is as a husband.


Mar 5, 2008 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: fashion and beauty, reviews

Geeks are sexy! So create a structured, supported look with your lingerie by bustiers that you can also wear casually outside. It is like a shirt bra that fits to create a finer look. Perfect for the new season. For ten years lingerie diva has been providing women with all kinds of lingerie and all other women’s items of quality brands at great prices.

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